Modern SEO Marketing: Five Tips for Using Keywords

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Once upon a time, the way you used keywords ultimately dictated your ranking on most major search engines. Use the right terms at the right density, and you could find yourself at the top of the list. Although SEO marketing is about far more than keywords these days, a keyword strategy is still a very necessary part of marketing. Here are the five major components of such a strategy in today’s modern world.

#1 – Don’t Stuff or Use Filler

The Panda update of 2011 brought with it some significant changes for Google. Once upon a time, you could write whatever you wanted, and as long SEO marketingas the keywords were there, your page could rank. However, since that update, this is no longer the case. In fact, stuffing your keywords into filler text can actually get you a penalty, causing you to lose ranking. Use keywords moderately and carefully, and make sure that they make sense not only in the context of the post or webpage, but also in the contest of your site as a whole.

#2 – Keywords are Listening Tools

SEO marketing is about using the right words at the right times to capture the attention of the right audience. This means that you should think of your keywords as marketing tools. Research your keywords to find out what people are searching for, and you’ll discover a wealth of information – what they want to see, what they find important, and even how they are behaving. You can use this information to your advantage when it comes to writing blog posts, too.

#3 – Keywords and SEO Marketing are Still Changing

Whereas proper keyword usage wasn’t always a big deal, you can expect to see some major changes in the future as Google and other search engines continue to dictate what makes for the best possible content that is relevant to the people using that search engine. There will likely be modifications to what these search engines consider “natural” or “organic” keyword usage. Along those same lines, it’s possible that they’ll provide you tools to help you better navigate the changes.

#4 – Don’t Forget about Topic Research

Keywords as they apply to SEO marketing are very important, but topics research is just as vital. In fact, without topic research, it’s difficult to decide which keywords to use. Rather than discovering the exact keywords your audience is already using, try to do some topic research so you can get ahead of the trends. Doing so could drastically improve your ranking, and it’ll make your customers and visitors happy, too.

#5 – Keywords are for More than SEO

Keywords do play an important role in your overall SEO marketing strategy, but they can do so much more for you. You can use keyword data to help you make better decisions when you buy paid advertisements from Google, or even when you purchase a Facebook ad. This research can also help you target key groups of people and uncover some popular topics being discovered within those groups.

Modern SEO marketing is about far more than keywords, but keywords still play a significant role. Your willingness to research, stay ahead of the curve, and provide well-written, meaningful, relevant content will ultimately dictate your SEO success.

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