How to Sell Solutions Instead of Products

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Whether your business is large and well established, quite small and localized, or you haven’t even gotten off the ground yet, it is important to take some time to think about what you’re actually offering your clients and customers. Are you selling them a product, or are you offering them a solution? Learning how to sell solutions instead of products can boost brand awareness and make you a true authority in your industry.

#1 – Discover and Solve People’s Problems

When people go online to search for a product or service, in many cases, they aren’t looking for a product or service at all. Rather, they’re looking for asell solutions solution to some sort of problem they’re experiencing. For example, if someone goes online and types “new SUV for sale”, then they are looking for a new SUV. If you happen to sell SUVs, you’re in luck – but only if that person chooses your business over your competitors. Instead of thinking about being the first to offer that product to that individual, think about ways in which you can solve that person’s issue. Why does she want a new SUV? What is it he is really looking for? Space? Comfort? Affordability? If you can sell solutions, you’ll get the sale.

#2 – People Are Interested in the Benefits

When you sell solutions, it is about much more than simply pushing a product or service on someone in hopes that they’ll buy. In fact, it’s about showing people that the product or service you offer meets their needs – and then proving that your product or service is better than all the rest. To do it, you’ll need to highlight the benefits of what you’re selling very simply and briefly. The goal is to allow individuals to identify the benefits on their own without feeling bombarded by jargon. If they can’t immediately figure out how your offering will benefit them, they’ll move on to your competitors. Discover which problem your solution solves, then tell people about it with a brief list of benefits.

#3 – Features Alone Won’t Make the Sale

If you spend all of your time focusing on the features of your product and service, you’re doing very little to sell someone a solution. Instead, you’re focusing on the product or service you’re offering. Your business website is the perfect place to elaborate and prove that you are offering a solution that none of your competitors can. You can use customer testimonials to your advantage, and you can even perform a case study of your target demographic and how your product is helping these people solve the issues they once had.

#4 – Don’t Promote; Educate

“Buy now!” “Get free shipping today only!” Although these are powerful marketing messages, they don’t help you stand out from your competitors in any way. There is certainly a time and a place for promotions, but if you’re trying to generate new customers and leads, you’ll be better off giving them solid information regarding the problems they’re experiencing. After all, an educated customer is an empowered customer, and if you’re the one doing the empowering, your reputation will soar.

As you can see, when you sell solutions instead of products, it sets you apart from your competitors in the best way possible. Educate your potential and existing customers, provide them information about the problems they’re experiencing, and then tell them exactly how the product or service you provide will solve that problem.

How to Sell Solutions Instead of Products
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How to Sell Solutions Instead of Products
It is important to sell solutions rather than products and services in order to help build your brand reputation and become a trusted authority.
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