Top Frequently Asked Questions

Web Development Q/A

What kind of coding can you solve?
The Web Dev team at EMI is adept in all the main areas of software programming for the web and can handle any task you throw at us.
Have you got any standard content management system you use?
WordPress is our preferred CMS unless otherwise requested. It’s extremely stable, extensible, and easy for you to add highly customized content to.
Do you also consider mobile usability in your web development?
Absolutely: mobile user experience is central to our design and testing.
Can you optimize the website systems for speed?
Definitely: we focus strongly on increasing the site speed for user experience and SEO.
Can you make site elements animated?
Yes  – we will add animation to elements as appropriate and we can create great animated graphics or explainers to help tell your story within the content.
Do we need to have our web hosting all set up first, before you work on our web development?
We can get your hosting all set up for you, or use your existing server as long as the system provides everything needed. We can support on these hosting choices. Previews and development testing can take place on a non-public server that we organize.
Do we have to register our own domain name(s) first?
We can obtain domain names on your behalf, or point your current domain to your new website/hosting when it is time to go live.
Will my new website be viewable in any browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc.)?
Yes – we make sure all of our designs and code are cross-browser compatible and W3C compliant.
Will the site be secured with backups?
Yes – we create backups and hold them for 60 days past delivery of your project. As you continue longer-term developing the content and design of your website, we recommend you implement a proactive backup regime of files and data if you are not engaging us or another technical agency to cover this for you.
If we already have our website up and running, can you help us build a mobile version of the site?
 Yes – we can create mobile websites to attach to any website, which will automatically serve a copy (or variation) of your content in a more accessible way for mobile viewing.

Application Development Q/A

Do you develop apps for Android or for Apple?
We develop apps both for iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play).
Do we need to set up our own account in iTunes and Google Play?
Yes – we will assist you in establishing accounts in both mobile platforms.
Can you create game apps?
Yes – we especially love working on games: if you can dream it, it can be created!
How does the early design work for app development?
We collaborate with you to develop an amazing storyboard, which says how the app will work in its various interfaces and functional steps.
Who owns the copyright of an app?
Generally speaking you will have 100% ownership rights of the finished product. 
Once an app is launched, what about maintenance?
If you have a heavily used or complex app, or intend to keep improving it over time,  we offer an additional service to support and update the app on an ongoing basis.
Do you also do marketing for launching our app?
When developing your app we are focused on the coding and functionality. Services to market your apps are priced separately from the development project.
Can you help me with an app even if I only have a general idea / description?
Yes – you don’t have to come up with the fully detailed blueprints! We will collaborate with you to document what you want and contribute extra creative ideas. The end result is a well-constructed app that you’ll be delighted with.
How much does it cost to build an app?
The project price to develop an app starts at $4,500. Cost depends mainly on complexity of the app, so we will advise on how different concepts for your app affect the development cost.
Can you track the usage / success of an app?
Yes, there are 3rd party analytics that we install to measure success metrics.
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