Top Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design Q/A

When you do web design work for us, who owns the design copyright?
You gain 100% rights to any design purchased from us.
Will your website designs take account of mobile viewing and different screen sizes?
Yes- all of our website designs are created in a responsive format: in other words the layout and content of the site adapt to remain readable at different screen widths.
If we want to make changes to the initial design, can you help us with revisions?
Yes, no problem. On normal projects we allow for up to  3 revisions for each web design.
Will you give me the graphic designs for the website?
Yes, we deliver the design files in fully layered psd files with fonts and color pallet.
What if our project is for an ecommerce site?
Great! We can create awesome, fully integrated ecommerce website designs.
Can you also design landing pages for our offers and pay-per-click campaigns?
Yes – we will create a variety of different landing page styles.
Apart from the website template design, can you create banner ads for us?
Yes – we can create terrific banner ads for your campaigns.
On a custom website, how many designs will we get to choose from?
After our initial discussions to understand your business requirements, we will work on creating 3 concepts.
What about the color schemes?
We can work closely with your current color palette or propose a new look that creates the impression you want.
Who provides the images / pictures for the web design?
For certain things such as team photos, pictures of your products and premises, we will incorporate all the imagery you can provide. We can also sourc stock images and discuss with you where we will need to collaborate on custom graphics.

Logo Design Q/A

How can you turn our ideas or needs into visual concepts?
We work closely with you to learn your business story and intended image in the mind of your clients. Your branding visuals should connect these two ideas.
Where do you get your logo design ideas from?
We find our unique inspiration through interacting with your team and researching what your customers are already seeing from the competition in your market.
How many designs do you give us to choose from?
We will provide you with 10 variations to choose from.
Who owns the rights for logo design work?
You own 100% of copyright to artwork upon contract completion.
Is a specially designed logo necessary for our kind of business?
Absolutely: whatever your business type, however specialized, including B2B, every brand needs to consider the visual design very carefully. If your products and service are very strong, you can still lose potential and repeat business if your brand visuals are not coherent, consistent, and compelling.
What formats does our logo get delivered in?
We will provide outputs in all the file formats you are likely to need such as png, gif, and jpeg, as well as the original vector and psd designer files.
How is logo design work billed?
We will quote you one flat rate prior to beginning the project unless otherwise specified.
How long does it take to design a logo?
Depending on the client communication it can usually be accomplished in 1 week.
What is the average cost per finished logo?
A logo design project starts from $450.
Can your logo designer also create our letterhead?
Yes – once the new logo design is confirmed we can create your letterhead, signatures, and more upon request.

Video Production Q/A

When you do Video Production for us, is this a subscription or one-time purchase?
Our fees for video production are all one-time purchase.
When you have finished the video production do we own the rights?
Yes – you have 100% ownership of all copyrights royalty free.
Will you be able to provide actors, backdrops, and props for productions?
No – we can hire actors and rent locations as needed. We will hold planning discussions with you as we suggest different production ideas.
Can EMI produce videos in additional languages?
We can produce videos in Spanish as well as English. We don’t specialise in other languages.
Do we need to create scripts for the video?
 No – normally we design the scripts for videos.
So, can you guarantee our video will go viral?
We’ll make sure the video is likeable and shareable… But the nature of “viral” content is that nobody can predict or guarantee what will become a hit.
Will our videos be in HD?
Yes – all of our videos are created in HD quality.
What if we want Famous Movie Stars to appear in our video?
Anything is possible with the right budget!
Where will you publish videos?
We will host your videos on YouTube unless otherwise specified.

Content Marketing Q/A

What Content Marketing going to achieve? Is it about generating leads, or is it about branding?
The Content Marketing that we work on for your business will be effective for both Lead Generation and Branding. There is a synergy when the two are combined.
Who produces the content for the campaigns?
This is something we have to work together on. We will collaborate with your team to create a sound content strategy.
Do we have to pay extra to promote content?
Our campaigns include paid ads within the solution price. So you don’t have to pay extra.
Can you provide us with contact lists for the websites you are reaching out to?
We normally do not provide the contact list for our outreach program within the Content Marketing Strategy.
Will you design creative for display ads?
Yes – display creatives are included.
Do you update creative after publishing?
Yes. Creative testing will continue until the metrics are at the satisfactory level.
Will you track results from Content Marketing Campaigns?
Yes – we use various forms of tracking such as pixels, downloads, submissions, and sign-ups.
Will Content Marketing help improve my SEO?
Yes- absolutely. Successful content campaigns that get shared around create authoritative signals for search engine ranking algorithms.
Where do our content ads show up?
The paid ads we set up for you will appear on the various display networks and in-feed placements. We’ll share the data according to the campaign.
Who owns the rights to any content produced during a Content Marketing campaign?
You retain 100% ownership of copyrights to any work content created on your behalf.
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