Top Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Management Q/A

Does EMI ever use bBlack Hatb SEO techniques?
Will we lose our SEO work if we later do not renew the contract?
Do you guarantee TOP RANKING in the search engines?
Once we achieve our good search engine rankings, are we guaranteed to stay there as long we pay the bills?
Once we sign an agreement to get your SEO services, will we start to rank immediately?
Can you track the ROI from an SEO campaign?
Do SEO campaigns include any type of reporting?
Some of the work in SEO takes place off our own pages. Do we own/control that content?
Do we need to provide you with backend access to our website?
Can we make our own website updates while you are working on our marketing?

PPC Management Q/A

Are EMI's managers professionally certified?
Do you provide us with reports?
What if we only want to focus on one search engine for PPC?
Do you offer call recording??
Do you track the Return On Investment from our PPC campaigns?
Does your PPC campaign management also include working on landing pages?
What do we pay EMI for? Do you bill for both clicks and management?
What search engines can we show up on for Pay-Per-Click?
Because EMI is a Google Partner and reseller, is there a discount on AdWords click costs?

Retargeting Ads Q/A

How do you track visitors for retargeting?
Do you provide the custom coding work for implementing the tracking code in the site?
Are there different types of retargeting?
What is the pricing model used for retargeting?
Can retargeting campaigns reach many potential customers?
Will you provide reports on the retargeting campaigns?
Will you optimize the retargeting ad campaigns?
How long do campaigns last?
How long can a retargeting system track and retarget a web user?
In retargeting campaigns can we provide our own creative for banners?

Display Ads Q/A

Can you create banner ads for us?
What is the reach of your display advertising campaigns?
What type of websites will our display ads show up on?
What do you mean by demographic targeting for our advertising?
Can you provide us with reports about display advertising?
What formats are display adverts in?
What pricing model do the display campaigns run on?
Can we create our own ads too?
What's a typical campaign length for display advertising?
Do we pay ad networks directly or EMI?

Social Media Management Q/A

What social platforms can you help us with?
Are you going to create hundreds profiles to gain fake likes or followers?
Will you monitor for obscenity on our social media pages?
Can you help me follow up messages and react to things quickly?
Do we have to pay to advertise in the social media networks?
Spoiler title
What access do you need for working on our social media?
Are Social Paid ads included in the service?
So, can we still post to our social accounts while you are working on the marketing?
Do businesses really need to bother with social media?

Reputation Management Q/A

Can you help us get rid of negative reviews?
Can you guarantee to prevent all negative reviews?
When there is a negative review to remove, how long does it normally take?
Can negative reviews impact our search results?
Will you track results of your reputation management?
Can we cancel a contract as soon as any negative reviews have been removed?
Can you get Rip Off Report type listings removed?
What if there are fees associated with removing content on 3rd party sites?
Can EMI help with getting DUI's removed from being online?
Are all businesses suitable for Reputation Management services?

Local Listings and Review Watch Q/A

Can you help us claim Google+, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local listings?
Would you create reviews for your clients to increase their feedback scores?
Does it matter if our business has moved locations?
Can you insert tracking numbers in the local listings?
Can you help us monitor when we get new reviews?
If we already have various local listings do you need access to them?
Will you provide reports under the Local Listings and Review Monitoring product?
Are paid directories included in the Local Listing product?
If there are negative or false reviews in local directories can you remove these?
So do local listings help with our SEO?

Lead Generation Q/A

Can you offer us actual leads for our business?
What do we pay for acquiring leads?
Does can you do international lead gen?
How are leads delivered?
How are the leads qualified?
Can you deliver leads directly into our CRM?
What if some of the leads are invalid?
How long do lead generation campaigns take to set up?
Can we purchase leads based on a hyper-local targeting?
What is the minimum quantity of leads we must purchase under your service?

Native Ads Q/A

So, what is Native Advertising?
What formats of advertising are included for example?
How do you measure Native Ads?
How well do Native ads work?
How do Native Ads benefit our business?
Where are the most common placements for Native Advertising?
Can we include promotional offers for content in Native Ads?
Can this form of advertising be optimized?
How long do Native ads run for?
Are Native Adverts part of any EMI packages?

Mobile Advertising Q/A

What types ad are used in mobile advertising campaigns?
What are the available targeting methods for mobile advertising?
What is the reach of mobile advertising?
Are mobile ads optimized for just phones or does this also include tablets?
Can you offer progress reports for mobile advertising?
What mobile ad networks does EMI use?
What pricing models does EMI use for mobile advertising?
What is the commitment for mobile advertising campaigns?
Is mobile advertising really necessary for our business?
What are the costs of mobile advertising compared to regular desktop advertising?

Consulting Q/A

What's the benefit to our business from getting consultancy from EMI?
How do you charge for digital consulting?
How much does it cost per hour to hire an EMI digital consultant?
What types of work do businesses hire EMI for?
How long do consultancy projects last?
Do EMI consultants have any accreditations?
Can you provide references?
How does billing work for digital consulting?
Can EMI consultants travel to our business locations?
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