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Key points about what we do
  • Mobile first- We don't just 'tack on' mobile accessibility - we start with the needs of mobile viewers for all designs and content
  • Cross device- Your customers are not just viewing and interacting with your content on their smartphones, but in fact hop between different devices, and you have to be present with a consistently high quality of presentation, wherever your brand appears
  • Performance- Marketing is about growing your business. So everything we do, strategically connects with sales growth. We prioritize the tactics that get the strongest commercial results.
  • Measure- What can be measured, should be measured! And the key is asking the right questions to gain insights from your data and improve your performance.
  • Priorities- Resources are always finite: optimal performance comes from knowing how to balance tactics... what to cut, and what to focus on. We'll work on these strategic choices with you so you get the best results for your marketing budget.
  • Timing- We set deadlines and stick to them. Effective marketing means long-term vision and productivity, but the results come from setting milestones and breaking down large projects into defined steps.
  • Control and visibility- When you work with Enlightenment Media, you keep strategic control of your marketing and we ensure it is clear what we are working on and why.
Getting outside help with your marketing means you relieve yourself of the burden of all the detailed work involved - but it shouldn't mean losing visibility and control. We work in partnership, not in a black box.  


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