Making Email Marketing Work for Your Business

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With so many different ways to advertise your company, you might think that email marketing is an antiquated process. After all, people use spam filters to weed out mass emails, so sending a weekly or monthly newsletter is a waste of your time, right? The truth is that people will view your email   messages and read them if they have an incentive to do so. Here are some tips for making email marketing work for your business.

email marketingEmpathize with Your Target Audience

Before you set out to create an email that people will actually want to open and read, you must first put   yourself in your target audience’s shoes. What sort of information will benefit them the most? What sort of content will they find most valuable? When you can understand the needs and concerns of your audience, you can generate email content and campaigns that will be interesting to your current and potential customers.

Generate an Emotion with Your Subject Line

The subject line for your email plays a very important role in your marketing campaign. A good subject line can entice people to click and read the content you’ve written, so it is important to think it through. The subject line should do two things. First, it should quickly and accurately describe the content inside the email. Second, it should generate an immediate emotional response, whether that response is urgency, fear, or curiosity. Finally, make sure that you provide a call to action in your content that works with your subject line.

Use Specific Targeting for Email Marketing

In order to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, you’ll want to make sure that you send your promotional emails to the correct demographic. As an example, imagine that you own an online boutique, and you’re going to have a sale on little girls’ dresses. Rather than just sending your sale email out to everyone on your list, narrow it down to those people who have either purchased little girls’ dresses in the past or who have indicated that they have small children at home. This specific targeting can make a huge difference in your overall sales and click-to-open rates.

Hone Your Call to Action

Once you get people to open your email and read the content inside, you’ll also need to drive that reader to purchase a product or service. Going back to the boutique example, imagine the difference between a CTA proclaiming “Get 15% Off Your Next Purchase” and one that says “Get 15% Off All Girls’ Dresses – Today Only!” The second CTA is more specific and provides a sense of urgency. Anyone who is even remotely interested in purchasing a dress from you now has even more incentive to do so. This is exactly the sort of urgency you need to generate in order to boost your sales.

Making email marketing work for your business does not have to be a cumbersome task. The most important part of building an effective marketing campaign via email involves thinking about your target audience and then creating content, a subject line, and a call to action that makes them want to click.

Making Email Marketing Work for Your Business
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Making Email Marketing Work for Your Business
When it comes to email marketing campaigns, a few simple tips can mean the difference between success and failure.
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