Key Factors in Choosing the Best Hosting Company for Your Business Website

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A business website is an integral part of your company’s marketing campaigns, and getting it off the ground is definitely exciting. It is always important to choose an excellent hosting company for your website’s domain. Before you sign up with a big-name hosting company, be sure you understand the potential downfalls that you might experience along the way. Here are three options from which to choose and some information about each.

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is by far one of the largest and most advertised hosting companies available today. They advertise on national television quite frequently, hosting companytoo. In fact, their website says that they have more than 60 million domains currently under management. Although it might seem like a great idea to choose a huge hosting company that works hard for so many different businesses, you might want to think again. Go Daddy crams multiple domains onto servers, resulting in slower load times. What’s more, consumers complain quite often about the quality of their technical support, claiming that attempts to resolve issues resulted in promised callbacks that never came. When compared to some of their smaller counterparts, their hosting options are quite limited.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions is not quite as large and popular as Go Daddy, but they do offer several choices when it comes to your hosting options. These include standard web hosting, professional hosting, and professional plus. The company claims that each tier provides faster load times – up to 2x faster with each tier, in fact – but even so, pages still tend to load slowly thanks to full servers. What’s more, if you want SSL for secure data, you’ll end up paying dearly for it in the end since it isn’t included in either of the first two tiers. Because Network Solutions has grown so much over the last several years, you can expect plenty of downtime, too, and customers claim that the wait for customer service or technical support is far too long.


SiteGround is far smaller than Go Daddy or Network Solutions, but the truth of the matter is that they are the absolute best choice when it comes to hosting. They offer web, cloud, and dedicated hosting on premium fully-managed machines, which means that you can host your site on a dedicated machine setup. You can also obtain plenty of proprietary software designed to boost the performance of your server. You can choose your server type, as well, based upon your business website’s needs. Because SiteGround is not as big as either of the aforementioned options, you can expect a shorter wait time for outstanding customer and technical support, a lot less downtime, and better overall security.

When it comes to choosing the best hosting company for your website, remember that bigger is not always better. Sometimes, the most popular companies are the ones with the slowest loading times, the least security, and the worst customer service and technical support. SiteGround is the best option of the three because they are committed to providing outstanding service, they offer quick load times, and there are lots of hosting options available.

Key Factors in Choosing the Best Hosting Company for Your Business Website
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Key Factors in Choosing the Best Hosting Company for Your Business Website
The right hosting company can make or break your business website. Choosing carefully makes all the difference.
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