Four Reasons Why Marketing Automation Generates More Revenue

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Marketing presents a number of challenges for businesses of any size. According to statistics, only 27% of leads that are sent directly to sales are actually qualified buyers. This occurs for numerous reasons, but Marketing Automation can generate more leads, increase the number of qualified leads, and drive more sales.

#1 – Marketing Automation Generates More Leads

With traditional marketing solutions, you rely on people to provide their information to you. Once they do, you can capture it and follow up with emails, telephone calls, and other contact methods. Marketing Automation is different in that you identify people who visit your site anonymously. This gives you valuable insight into the types of people who are providing their information to you, but it also tells you which types of people are not filling out your forms. In this manner, you can better qualify your leads.

marketing automation#2 – Leads Are More Qualified

The Marketing Automation tool also provides you with an intuitive scoring system, which alerts you to highly interested leads as well as those who are sales-ready. This gives you an opportunity to take different directions with different sorts of leads. For example, a lead who scores as sales-ready may receive an immediate telephone call or email giving them an opportunity to purchase your product or service. Conversely, one that demonstrates high interest may only require a telephone call to change their minds.

#3 – You Can Nurture Leads Who Are Not Sales Ready

Just as there will be some leads who are ready to buy (or almost ready to buy), there will be others who seem interested, but need a bit more time to develop trust in your brand or company. Marketing Automation can help you nurture these types of leads with very specific campaigns designed to improve their interest and build their trust. Then, when the leads on your nurturing campaign are ready to make a purchase, the software can immediately notify your sales team to improve conversion rates and generate more revenue.

#4 – You Can Discover Which Campaigns Are Driving the Most Revenue

Finally, Marketing Automation makes it easy for you to generate reports based on the entire sales process from end-to-end. In fact, you can generate reports for each individual marketing campaign in order to determine which are generating the biggest return for your investment. When you can do this, you can focus more of your time on the revenue-generating campaigns and less on those that do not provide ample return. What’s more, you can also work on improving campaigns that are not generating the revenue you expected.

Marketing Automation can help your business in a variety of ways, but when it comes right down to it, it’s all about finding the right customers, encouraging them to buy, and retaining those leads once they have purchased a product or service from you. These tools go a long way toward making that process simpler, and in the end, you’ll see the results in terms of more sales and more revenue.

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