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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design Q/A

When you do web design work for us, who owns the design copyright?
You gain 100% rights to any design purchased from us.
Will your website designs take account of mobile viewing and different screen sizes?
Yes- all of our website designs are created in a responsive format: in other words the layout and content of the site adapt to remain readable at different screen widths.
If we want to make changes to the initial design, can you help us with revisions?
Yes, no problem. On normal projects we allow for up to  3 revisions for each web design.
Will you give me the graphic designs for the website?
Yes, we deliver the design files in fully layered psd files with fonts and color pallet.
What if our project is for an ecommerce site?
Great! We can create awesome, fully integrated ecommerce website designs.
Can you also design landing pages for our offers and pay-per-click campaigns?
Yes – we will create a variety of different landing page styles.
Apart from the website template design, can you create banner ads for us?
Yes – we can create terrific banner ads for your campaigns.
On a custom website, how many designs will we get to choose from?
After our initial discussions to understand your business requirements, we will work on creating 3 concepts.
What about the color schemes?
We can work closely with your current color palette or propose a new look that creates the impression you want.
Who provides the images / pictures for the web design?
For certain things such as team photos, pictures of your products and premises, we will incorporate all the imagery you can provide. We can also sourc stock images and discuss with you where we will need to collaborate on custom graphics.

SEO Management Q/A

Does EMI ever use bBlack Hatb SEO techniques?
NO- NEVER. We make sure all the SEO work we do for you is 100% is safe and secure. Our SEO sticks!
Will we lose our SEO work if we later do not renew the contract?
No, it all stays – you retain all rights to any content and on-page SEO that was conducted.
Do you guarantee TOP RANKING in the search engines?
No – absolutely not. Why? Because any agency that claims to guarantee rank should raise a RED FLAG. Feel free to contact us if you’d like us to evaluate other SEO proposals you’ve received, that you’re not sure about.
Once we achieve our good search engine rankings, are we guaranteed to stay there as long we pay the bills?
Although it would be nice, unfortunately we cannot secure or guarantee any specific ranking on a permanent basis. Search engines are constantly developing new ranking methods, and commonly fluctuate their results, often even more frequently than hourly. SEO is an ongoing and long term process, and it also depends a lot on the competition in your market.
Once we sign an agreement to get your SEO services, will we start to rank immediately?
No – SEO takes a long time before you can expect to see the benefits. From a “standing start” and building up the strength of your pages takes 2-6 months on average. So it is not an overnight result.
Can you track the ROI from an SEO campaign?
Yes. Using the same approach as Pay-per-Click, we track phone calls, form submissions, and signups/purchases.
Do SEO campaigns include any type of reporting?
Yes – you have access up-to-the-minute stats via your dashboard, plus our  monthly report on progress.
Some of the work in SEO takes place off our own pages. Do we own/control that content?
No – because off-page SEO involves 3rd party domains, websites, directories etc. then to some extent it is not under your control. Most reputable sites will respond to alteration or deletion requests where information is inaccurate or out of date.
Do we need to provide you with backend access to our website?
Yes- EMI will need backend access to your website via FTP and CMS-type software in use on your site.
Can we make our own website updates while you are working on our marketing?
Yes – absolutely. You always own and have all access to your site, so you can update your site any time.

PPC Management Q/A

Are EMI's managers professionally certified?
Yes, absolutely: all of our PPC Managers are Google and Bing Certified professionals.
Do you provide us with reports?
Yes, you get real time dashboard reporting as well as monthly status/performance reports emailed to you.
What if we only want to focus on one search engine for PPC?
You don’t have to split your budget between several search engines if you don’t want. We offer campaigns for one search engine as well as all. 
Do you offer call recording??
Yes, the phone call tracking service we use features call recordings, caller ID, and caller locations.
Do you track the Return On Investment from our PPC campaigns?
Yes, this is highly important. In particular we use call tracking so you know which ads result in phone calls, enquiry form tracking, and customer signup/sale tracking to prove ROI.
Does your PPC campaign management also include working on landing pages?
Landing page development is not included in our standard PPC service, but our Web Development team will take care of this when your service plan includes that.
What do we pay EMI for? Do you bill for both clicks and management?
No, you just pay us for the management of your PPC campaigns, and you pay the search engine directly through your AdWords (etc) account for the clicks. We’ll help you set up your accounts. 
What search engines can we show up on for Pay-Per-Click?
We’ll prioritize Google, but we also cover Bing, AOL, Ask, and Yahoo. 
Because EMI is a Google Partner and reseller, is there a discount on AdWords click costs?
Great question, but unfortunately not. All resellers are subject to the same pricing.

Retargeting Ads Q/A

How do you track visitors for retargeting?
We use a pixel tracking implementation on your website.
Do you provide the custom coding work for implementing the tracking code in the site?
There is often an extra cost associated with implementing the tracking.
Are there different types of retargeting?
Yes, we use Site, Search, Contextual, Engagement, and Email retargeting.
What is the pricing model used for retargeting?
We use a CPM pricing model for our retargeting campaigns, i.e. based on cost per thousand impressions of an ad.
Can retargeting campaigns reach many potential customers?
Yes, the reach of the ad networks used in retargeting extends across 99.8% of the internet.
Will you provide reports on the retargeting campaigns?
Yes – we provide monthly reports on the 7th of each month.
Will you optimize the retargeting ad campaigns?
Yes, focusing on clicks and conversions, we use A/B testing to hone in on the best performing ads.
How long do campaigns last?
We will create new designs on a quarterly basis in most cases.
How long can a retargeting system track and retarget a web user?
If the user doesn’t clear the cookie, tracking can last up to 540 days.
In retargeting campaigns can we provide our own creative for banners?
Yes – we would love to incorporate your own creative and content in the campaign.

Display Ads Q/A

Can you create banner ads for us?
Yes, we create the display ads including visuals and ad copy. We can also use or adapt the creatives you provide us.
What is the reach of your display advertising campaigns?
The display networks we distribute your ads in can cover 99.9% of the internet!
What type of websites will our display ads show up on?
This is a matter of targeting. For consumer campaigns we target websites by the comScore top 100 as well as domain specific placements, and a number of other demographic targeting techniques. We control to ensure your ads don’t show up in websites which are irrelevant or not appropriate.
What do you mean by demographic targeting for our advertising?
We can target display ads by any combinations of age, gender, income, radius, and interest themes.
Can you provide us with reports about display advertising?
Yes – we will provide full monthly reporting by the 7th of each month.
What formats are display adverts in?
It depends on the network but it’s not only text and image banners. We offer rich media ads and video ads too.
What pricing model do the display campaigns run on?
Usually we opt for a CPM pricing model, i.e. the network charges per thousand impressions (views).
Can we create our own ads too?
Yes, we’ll provide you with the specs for pixels, sizes etc.
What's a typical campaign length for display advertising?
The typical campaign runs for 1 year, but you can run for a minimum of 6 months.
Do we pay ad networks directly or EMI?
In the case of display advertising campaigns, the client pays us directly and we do all the media buying.

Logo Design Q/A

How can you turn our ideas or needs into visual concepts?
We work closely with you to learn your business story and intended image in the mind of your clients. Your branding visuals should connect these two ideas.
Where do you get your logo design ideas from?
We find our unique inspiration through interacting with your team and researching what your customers are already seeing from the competition in your market.
How many designs do you give us to choose from?
We will provide you with 10 variations to choose from.
Who owns the rights for logo design work?
You own 100% of copyright to artwork upon contract completion.
Is a specially designed logo necessary for our kind of business?
Absolutely: whatever your business type, however specialized, including B2B, every brand needs to consider the visual design very carefully. If your products and service are very strong, you can still lose potential and repeat business if your brand visuals are not coherent, consistent, and compelling.
What formats does our logo get delivered in?
We will provide outputs in all the file formats you are likely to need such as png, gif, and jpeg, as well as the original vector and psd designer files.
How is logo design work billed?
We will quote you one flat rate prior to beginning the project unless otherwise specified.
How long does it take to design a logo?
Depending on the client communication it can usually be accomplished in 1 week.
What is the average cost per finished logo?
A logo design project starts from $450.
Can your logo designer also create our letterhead?
Yes – once the new logo design is confirmed we can create your letterhead, signatures, and more upon request.

Social Media Management Q/A

What social platforms can you help us with?
We focus on Facebook, Twiiter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, and Pinterest.
Are you going to create hundreds profiles to gain fake likes or followers?
No – absolutely not. Everything we work on will be genuine.
Will you monitor for obscenity on our social media pages?
Yes – we will monitor and make sure your brand is not compromised.
Can you help me follow up messages and react to things quickly?
 Yes – we will deliver all messages that look like they need a response, within 3 hours.
Do we have to pay to advertise in the social media networks?
Yes – the new algorithms force all businesses to pay for ads for visibility.
Spoiler title
We cannot guarantee you an exact number of Likes or Followers.
What access do you need for working on our social media?
EMI will need administrator access on all social media accounts we are working on.
Are Social Paid ads included in the service?
So, can we still post to our social accounts while you are working on the marketing?
Yes – absolutely. We encourage you to post your own content, replies, etc in addition to our posts and management.
Do businesses really need to bother with social media?
DEFINITELY- all businesses needs to stay close to their customers and listen when they speak: since your customers are in social media, you must have an active presence there too.

Reputation Management Q/A

Can you help us get rid of negative reviews?
Yes. Although in certain cases content on a 3rd party website is beyond anyone else’s control, we will dispute any false or malicious reviews. Systematic tracking and correction/disputes are usually successful in getting unfair comments removed from review sites and directories.
Can you guarantee to prevent all negative reviews?
No – EMI can’t guarantee 100% removal of negative business reviews.
When there is a negative review to remove, how long does it normally take?
It depends on the dispute and the 3rd party website’s policies.
Can negative reviews impact our search results?
Yes – absolutely, bad reviews can have a negative impact on your search results. Meanwhile, negative sentiment pages can appear in search results for your brand name.
Will you track results of your reputation management?
Yes, we’ll email you monthly reports with data from the campaign.
Can we cancel a contract as soon as any negative reviews have been removed?
Once a contract is fulfilled, the campaign will end unless renewed.
Can you get Rip Off Report type listings removed?
Usually these are much more difficult because the site owners are not responsive to anybody’s edit/removal requests. However, it depends on the case.
What if there are fees associated with removing content on 3rd party sites?
If this is necessary we will discuss with you and put you in contact with the 3rd party website directly as needed.
Can EMI help with getting DUI's removed from being online?
No – we cannot get any type of police record removed.
Are all businesses suitable for Reputation Management services?
Not necessarily – we review each client’s situation. We are happy to offer analysis on your brand’s situation.

Local Listings and Review Watch Q/A

Can you help us claim Google+, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local listings?
Yes – absolutely. We claim more listings than that too.
Would you create reviews for your clients to increase their feedback scores?
 No- we do not write or engage in any bFAKEb reviews for businesses.
Does it matter if our business has moved locations?
Yes- definitely. Your Name, Address, Phone should be consistent across the web. We can help track down any discrepancies your customers may be seeing.
Can you insert tracking numbers in the local listings?
No- we do not offer this for local listings as the main site linking and contact information should be consistent. ???I guessed at the reason here,  but not sure if this is what was meant by tracking/local 
Can you help us monitor when we get new reviews?
Yes – we monitor your reviews across the main sites and can help you stay aware of what people are saying about your business. 
If we already have various local listings do you need access to them?
Yes- we will need access to any claimed listings in the main sites. 
Will you provide reports under the Local Listings and Review Monitoring product?
Yes- we give you monthly emailed reports including tracking your new reviews and feedback scores. 
Are paid directories included in the Local Listing product?
No – paid directories are not included in our fee, but depending on your priorities we can help set up the listings you wish to pay for.
If there are negative or false reviews in local directories can you remove these?
Yes, however not under the Local Listings service. Review disputes are covered by another EMI service: Reputation Management.
So do local listings help with our SEO?
Yes – with the Blended Semantic Search results, local SEO plays an important role in how well your website pages rank.

Lead Generation Q/A

Can you offer us actual leads for our business?
Yes, we offer Real-time, Vintage, and Hot Transfers. Please contact us to find out more about these lead sources.
What do we pay for acquiring leads?
This is highly dependent on the vertical and type of leads.
Does can you do international lead gen?
Yes – we have ran many international lead generation campaigns.
How are leads delivered?
Leads generally come in via phone calls or form submissions.
How are the leads qualified?
All leads are qualified and scrubbed for legitimacy via agreed-upon filters we work with you to define.
Can you deliver leads directly into our CRM?
Yes – we can deliver leads into a CRM: we’ll take a look at your current setup to determine if this is practical.
What if some of the leads are invalid?
Our general approach is to send 10% more leads automatically to eliminate loss of ROI.
How long do lead generation campaigns take to set up?
It generally takes about 2 weeks to launch a new campaign that we are not currently generating leads for.
Can we purchase leads based on a hyper-local targeting?
Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer leads to businesses based on radius or zip codes.
What is the minimum quantity of leads we must purchase under your service?
The minimum requirements vary, but all leads are purchased up front with the insertion order.

Native Ads Q/A

So, what is Native Advertising?
It’s contextual marketing that matches the format of where it’s placed.
What formats of advertising are included for example?
Formats include blog posts, videos, images, games, social posts and search terms.
How do you measure Native Ads?
 We use web analytics to measure metrics from the traffic coming from these campaigns.
How well do Native ads work?
Because the advertising is not so “in your face”, web users reportedly view Native Adverts 53% more than display ads.
How do Native Ads benefit our business?
Well-designed native ads can boost a company’s brand recognition immensely, reaching new sources of customers in the short term, and continuing to work in your favor over the long term.
Where are the most common placements for Native Advertising?
Social media feeds and news feeds in popular online media are some of the most common.
Can we include promotional offers for content in Native Ads?
Usually not, because the content of Native Ads is supposed to be relevant, informational, etc and not obvious direct promotional messages.
Can this form of advertising be optimized?
Yes – as with other advertising campaigns, we test different ideas and placements for the content and then optimize for the best results.
How long do Native ads run for?
We use insertion orders and run campaigns for an average of one year.
Are Native Adverts part of any EMI packages?
Yes, if you use our Content Marketing solution, this includes Native Ads campaigns.

Video Production Q/A

When you do Video Production for us, is this a subscription or one-time purchase?
Our fees for video production are all one-time purchase.
When you have finished the video production do we own the rights?
Yes – you have 100% ownership of all copyrights royalty free.
Will you be able to provide actors, backdrops, and props for productions?
No – we can hire actors and rent locations as needed. We will hold planning discussions with you as we suggest different production ideas.
Can EMI produce videos in additional languages?
We can produce videos in Spanish as well as English. We don’t specialise in other languages.
Do we need to create scripts for the video?
 No – normally we design the scripts for videos.
So, can you guarantee our video will go viral?
We’ll make sure the video is likeable and shareable… But the nature of “viral” content is that nobody can predict or guarantee what will become a hit.
Will our videos be in HD?
Yes – all of our videos are created in HD quality.
What if we want Famous Movie Stars to appear in our video?
Anything is possible with the right budget!
Where will you publish videos?
We will host your videos on YouTube unless otherwise specified.

Content Marketing Q/A

What Content Marketing going to achieve? Is it about generating leads, or is it about branding?
The Content Marketing that we work on for your business will be effective for both Lead Generation and Branding. There is a synergy when the two are combined.
Who produces the content for the campaigns?
This is something we have to work together on. We will collaborate with your team to create a sound content strategy.
Do we have to pay extra to promote content?
Our campaigns include paid ads within the solution price. So you don’t have to pay extra.
Can you provide us with contact lists for the websites you are reaching out to?
We normally do not provide the contact list for our outreach program within the Content Marketing Strategy.
Will you design creative for display ads?
Yes – display creatives are included.
Do you update creative after publishing?
Yes. Creative testing will continue until the metrics are at the satisfactory level.
Will you track results from Content Marketing Campaigns?
Yes – we use various forms of tracking such as pixels, downloads, submissions, and sign-ups.
Will Content Marketing help improve my SEO?
Yes- absolutely. Successful content campaigns that get shared around create authoritative signals for search engine ranking algorithms.
Where do our content ads show up?
The paid ads we set up for you will appear on the various display networks and in-feed placements. We’ll share the data according to the campaign.
Who owns the rights to any content produced during a Content Marketing campaign?
You retain 100% ownership of copyrights to any work content created on your behalf.

Web Development Q/A

What kind of coding can you solve?
The Web Dev team at EMI is adept in all the main areas of software programming for the web and can handle any task you throw at us.
Have you got any standard content management system you use?
WordPress is our preferred CMS unless otherwise requested. It’s extremely stable, extensible, and easy for you to add highly customized content to.
Do you also consider mobile usability in your web development?
Absolutely: mobile user experience is central to our design and testing.
Can you optimize the website systems for speed?
Definitely: we focus strongly on increasing the site speed for user experience and SEO.
Can you make site elements animated?
Yes  – we will add animation to elements as appropriate and we can create great animated graphics or explainers to help tell your story within the content.
Do we need to have our web hosting all set up first, before you work on our web development?
We can get your hosting all set up for you, or use your existing server as long as the system provides everything needed. We can support on these hosting choices. Previews and development testing can take place on a non-public server that we organize.
Do we have to register our own domain name(s) first?
We can obtain domain names on your behalf, or point your current domain to your new website/hosting when it is time to go live.
Will my new website be viewable in any browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc.)?
Yes – we make sure all of our designs and code are cross-browser compatible and W3C compliant.
Will the site be secured with backups?
Yes – we create backups and hold them for 60 days past delivery of your project. As you continue longer-term developing the content and design of your website, we recommend you implement a proactive backup regime of files and data if you are not engaging us or another technical agency to cover this for you.
If we already have our website up and running, can you help us build a mobile version of the site?
 Yes – we can create mobile websites to attach to any website, which will automatically serve a copy (or variation) of your content in a more accessible way for mobile viewing.

Application Development Q/A

Do you develop apps for Android or for Apple?
We develop apps both for iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play).
Do we need to set up our own account in iTunes and Google Play?
Yes – we will assist you in establishing accounts in both mobile platforms.
Can you create game apps?
Yes – we especially love working on games: if you can dream it, it can be created!
How does the early design work for app development?
We collaborate with you to develop an amazing storyboard, which says how the app will work in its various interfaces and functional steps.
Who owns the copyright of an app?
Generally speaking you will have 100% ownership rights of the finished product. 
Once an app is launched, what about maintenance?
If you have a heavily used or complex app, or intend to keep improving it over time,  we offer an additional service to support and update the app on an ongoing basis.
Do you also do marketing for launching our app?
When developing your app we are focused on the coding and functionality. Services to market your apps are priced separately from the development project.
Can you help me with an app even if I only have a general idea / description?
Yes – you don’t have to come up with the fully detailed blueprints! We will collaborate with you to document what you want and contribute extra creative ideas. The end result is a well-constructed app that you’ll be delighted with.
How much does it cost to build an app?
The project price to develop an app starts at $4,500. Cost depends mainly on complexity of the app, so we will advise on how different concepts for your app affect the development cost.
Can you track the usage / success of an app?
Yes, there are 3rd party analytics that we install to measure success metrics.

Mobile Advertising Q/A

What types ad are used in mobile advertising campaigns?
We will use text, display, video, and in-app ads.
What are the available targeting methods for mobile advertising?
We target based on combinations of: device, interest, age, gender, radius, domains, and specific apps.
What is the reach of mobile advertising?
We can place your ads in networks which reach 99.8% of mobile internet users.
Are mobile ads optimized for just phones or does this also include tablets?
We optimize your ads so they work well across both phones and tablets.
Can you offer progress reports for mobile advertising?
Yes, we offer you regular reports emailed out on the 7th of each month.
What mobile ad networks does EMI use?
 The main networks we use are: GDN, Facebook, Twitter, MoPub, Perfect Audience.
What pricing models does EMI use for mobile advertising?
Depending on the network and campaign requirements we could CPC, CPM, or CPV pricing models. We’ll discuss this with you for each campaign.
What is the commitment for mobile advertising campaigns?
We recommend you run 12 month campaigns.
Is mobile advertising really necessary for our business?
We think it’s the FUTURE and VERY important with the rapid growth of mobile. All businesses should engage and not get left out.
What are the costs of mobile advertising compared to regular desktop advertising?
Generally mobile campaigns are significantly less costly.

Consulting Q/A

What's the benefit to our business from getting consultancy from EMI?
We provide sound advice that can save a business from making costly mistakes. Reducing the risk of the wrong strategy, and speeding up implementation by reducing trial-and-error, will translate directly into a stronger marketing position.
How do you charge for digital consulting?
We use an hourly pricing model after the agreed-upon retainer.
How much does it cost per hour to hire an EMI digital consultant?
The fee is $125 per hour for both Web Development Consulting and Digital Media Consulting.
What types of work do businesses hire EMI for?
We are usually hired as digital consultants for:
–  Web Development Consulting – Planning, Implementation, and Migration
– Digital Media Consulting – Planning, Implementation, and Analytics / Tracking.
How long do consultancy projects last?
Each project’s timeline is estimated on an individual basis.
Do EMI consultants have any accreditations?
Yes – our consultants are certified in different accreditations depending on their area of expertise: Digital Media Consulting or Web Development Consulting.
Can you provide references?
We can provide references from past consulting clients on request.
How does billing work for digital consulting?
We generally charge on the first of each month for the agreed upon length of time.
Can EMI consultants travel to our business locations?
We may travel to your locations depending on the needs of the business. Basic travel expenses are charged in addition to the hourly consulting rate. 
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