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Get direct programming work and web development advice from the same partners who look after your marketing. Your business benefits from greater efficiency, more accurate understanding of your needs, and a constant focus on commercial priorities.
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Staying Ahead... But Where To Focus?

If you look around at the leading brands in your industry (some of which will be your direct competitors), it's evident that their websites are not just static billboards, but complex interfaces covering all sorts of self-service and interactive sales and support functions. To stay ahead in your industry, it's essential to be proactive about your software development, and connecting this with your web-accessible functionality for both customers and staff. There really won't be any parts of your business which lack a major software component (or opportunity).

Common areas of development typically involving web implementation:

  • Content Management System (CMS) modifications, and plugin development e.g. for Wordpress
  • Customization's to website appearance (especially for mobile viewing) that require code changes
  • Contact forms, ticketing systems, and CRM integration
  • Ecommerce front and back ends
  • Warehousing and inventory control programs
  • Printing and document management
  • Internal control and decision assisting interfaces
  • Accounting tools
  • Improved internal communication tools and reporting dashboards
  • API integrations
  • Database design, optimization, and user interaction
  • Exploitation of lower costs and greater scale-ability from cloud hosting
  • Conversion or porting of existing systems for branches or different languages

There will always be more things you want to do and improve in software than your practical resources. So prioritization is essential, as is keeping a strict eye on resources and timing for the development projects you've decided to work on.

Think growth... Software should make your business more efficient by automating procedures and opening up new business intelligence. So, strategically, one way to approach your web development is to ask where your current processes suffer from friction due to manual work (e.g. laborious data input) and where you lack data and insights that you want. Taking these general wants and translating them into software solutions is where our business analysts can help. In this way your web development is led by your business growth priorities rather than mere technological trend-following.

Short-term, try to make technology decisions around efficiency and speed of implementation. But keep an eye on the longer term, especially to avoid getting locked into restrictive and support-heavy systems, or obsolete programming frameworks.

Choices, choices... You don't have to reinvent the wheel in your web development. It is very likely that there are already lots of options available for most software functions that you need. But it is still useful to have experts like Enlightenment Media on your team. With our help it will be much easier for you to evaluate software options objectively, reduce unnecessary costs, predict problems, and implement new tools smoothly. There is a big difference between hoping a software salesperson will help you with these, and getting support from an impartial expert.

It is getting harder to stay up to date with the advancing technology available, and evolving best practices, in programming, systems, and hardware. In many non-IT-oriented companies it is simply not reasonable to maintain a large permanent workforce in system administration and development: this is where plugging in external experts like Enlightenment Media can help your company keep up to date easier.

The biggest trends we are seeing in web development are the huge range of new opportunities from cloud technology, and the need for all development to take account of mobility. Developing for mobile introduces new challenges, but also opens up strong competitive opportunities.

Overflowing backlog of software ideas? Or concerns about areas your business is falling behind?
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Business Improvements... How To Keep Your Sanity...

Managing software development, roll-outs, and maintenance can be a growing headache and a risky distraction for your senior management. It's vital to have the right strategy and development partners working on web dev in your business's best interests.

for every 25% rise in functionality, there a fourfold increase in software complexity--- "Glass's Law" originally from Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering, Robert L Glass 2002 

When building internal resources for IT you will encounter strong risks of creating inertia and political pressures around technology choices and development resource focuses. This is probably the top reason businesses can benefit from outsourcing development: the flexibility.

Another important benefit of working with an external development provider is that you are not entirely at the mercy of programmers' personal specialisms and the biased recommendations of software and hardware vendors.

Enlightenment Media will give you impartial advice about the options you have in software development, and be ready to move fast to develop and implement the solutions you want. We will also stick with you long-term to ensure successful roll-out and ongoing improvement.

Working with Enlightenment Media on your web development you will enjoy benefits from the following:

  • business-goals-oriented development
  • agile methodology and fast time to market
  • excellent documentation and user support
  • continuous support and regular feature enhancement briefings
  • always a strong focus on security
  • service guarantees that focus on your reputation and delivery for customers

Being able to turn business needs and ideas into working software is a key strength for your business. This can be done most cost-effectively when your development management is well aligned with your commercial and marketing objectives. By working with Enlightenment Media you will benefit from our focus on your growth as well as our technical know-how.

It's unusual to find a marketing agency which is also fully able to support your web development needs. It's even more rare to find developers who know or care about marketing. At Enlightenment our Full Service vision connects up all the right knowledge and aligns with your business priorities.-- 

Ecommerce Development

Commerce vendors have to keep up with web development as customers become increasingly discerning and demanding about usability and convenience. The backlog of software improvement ideas is likely to be very long, even before you start asking users what new features they'd like to see! Prioritization is needed - in the light of your commercial goals and what makes the most direct difference to your customers.

Businesses primarily selling in Amazon and eBay also need to consider their software development capabilities, for example how to manage data exchange in multi-channel listing software, and choose the best approach for building and maintaining a standalone storefront.

Enlightenment Media can support you in all of the major ecommerce systems such as Shopify, Zen Cart, WooCommerce, and Volusion.

Who Is Your Webmaster?

An important basis to consider when working on web development is how well your Webmaster type jobs are covered for your site and online systems. Here is a list of some of the things we cover, and it's worth checking to see if you already have a clear resource in your team assigned to each:

  1. Domain and hosting account management
  2. Hosting and server maintenance, including security checks and software updates
  3. Email and internal communications software technical support
  4. Shared data storage technical support
  5. Server performance testing and monitoring
  6. Technical code and standards for your website HTML / CSS / JS
  7. Technical support for your website designers and content editors
  8. Web analytics and software-based KPI reporting
  9. Code base management and general development / release management
  10. Software feature request and bug management, developer ticketing
  11. Database query and interoperability support
  12. Data protection, backup practices, and archiving
  13. Software testing for developers, usability testing
  14. Software user support, user feedback
  15. Market research and software solution research

We can help rapidly take on some or all of the above points to give you stability and peace of mind in your web IT. From this basis, all development work will be more secure and manageable for you.

If software development sounds expensive, consider it in the light of the ROI from automating away manual work, and improved efficiency in generating business. Always get good impartial advice before investing in new software.


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