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Video: You Absolutely Can't Afford To Neglect The Marketing Benefits

Pull In New Prospects, Grab Their Valuable Attention, And Outclass The Competition With Powerful Video Marketing Content

Video has always been integral to users' consumption of information online... but has typically been neglected until recently by companies who work mostly in text and static images for their marketing. The time is ripe to expand your marketing reach and hugely improve customers' perception of your brand using video, where it's easier to grab and hold customers' attention and strongly differentiate your selling proposition.

Enlightenment Media factors online video marketing into every marketing plan: it's part of what we call the Universal Solution strategy. Everything we work on for you is connected and consistent with your central brand message. Contact Enlightenment media today to discuss about video production how we can help build video marketing into a complete solution for your business.

Video Online: Quick Stats

Each day, 100 million internet users watch videos.
75% of consumers visit a business's website after viewing a video about or by that brand.
(In B2B, the figure is 65% for executives visiting the vendor's site after watching their video.)
Internet users are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.
59% of viewers will watch the video all the way to the end... if it's less than one minute long!
Source: Digital Sherpa, Wistia, Forbes

Video Automates The Sales Conversation And Boosts Your Conversions

Video is the most influential communication medium when converting new customers, short of having your best salespeople talking directly to them. In fact, you should get all your top salespeople in front of a camera too!

The power of video is well understood by marketers, but two factors commonly hold businesses back from exploiting video to the full. Firstly, online video for marketing is often assumed to be an extension of TV commercials: actually there is very little to transfer and the possibilities are far richer online than just short sales messages. Secondly, most companies simply opt for easier types of content and lack the kind of multi-disciplinary coordination in their teams to put together videos that are high enough quality, or on any consistent basis.

These two issues are where we will start our video marketing discussion with you: how can we think outside the box about what your customers actually want to watch, and what will work to influence their perceptions in the online medium... and secondly how can we fit all the skills and creativity together so you can produce videos that are great... and do so consistently over time.

Did you know:
Google automatically indexes the keywords in your Youtube videos by listening to what's said in the video.

This means mentioning key terms in your video, and keeping the audio clear, are important ways to help your videos rank highly for key terms. You can also consider uploading the text transcript for videos to help this process.

Video is now an essential component of any SEO strategy, as well as being a great way to provide unique and engaging content to your social media followers, and increase the conversion rate of your site by explaining benefits and answering questions to visitors in the most accessible way.

Where Are Videos Effective?

Videos are effective everywhere in your marketing. As soon as you start publishing good videos you will feel the lift in engagement and action from your customers. Plus good videos draw in new visitors who will get to know about you and your products in the easiest way possible.

Here are some of the ways video ought to be contributing to your brand:

  • Videos that explain and sell your products and services from all sorts of angles: brief introductions, comparisons, tests and detailed aspects, and demonstrations that answer pre-sales doubts
  • Videos that enhance existing news or promotions - for example, videos have been shown to increase email newsletter click-through rates by 200-300% [Forrester]
  • Videos to show people all the important things that can't be easily described in text
  • Videos to tell the story of your business, the real people in your team, and even include the faces and voices of your happy customers
  • Videos that educate customers about a process or what to expect
  • Videos that explain to customers how to use and benefit from your products, so increase theirsatisfaction after purchase
  • Videos that enhance the customer's sense of security and trust in your brand... or make them feel less confident about cheaper alternatives or inaction!
  • Videos that bring to life things that are important to customers like quality guarantees, announcingoffers, or even communicating urgent information such as outages or seasonal availability

As you can see there are not really any parts of your marketing and communications which would not benefit from enhancement with video. A business that is clearly active in producing interesting and useful videos will be more memorable and trusted to any customers.

Video = Better Performance In Facebook

  • The amount of video content in people's Facebook News Feed increased 3.6x in 2014
  • The number of Facebook users sharing videos is growing at a rate of 75% per year

Source: Facebook Insights

Reach a Wider Audience

Whenever you create content with text and images for your customers, you should always consider creating videos to summarize, reiterate, or build on that content.

One of the main reasons is that videos can help your business reach a much wider audience. More and more people are seeking out video content instead of text, as their first choice for getting information, reviews, guides, and so on.

A lot of web users simply won't read long text pages, or at least will be far more likely to say on your page if there is an easy-to-understand video version or introduction. If you offer information in a video format, this will help more people from your existing audience understand about you and your products/services.

On average, users spend 88% more time on sites with video

-- Mist Media
Visitors spend on average 2 minutes longer on a site after they've watched a video.


With YouTube, you'll gain plenty of extra exposure to new customers because of its massive traffic. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube gets more than 4 billion views per day, you can't really afford to neglect this as a marketing platform for your business, whatever your sector. If you neglect video marketing, then you will miss out on a huge audience of potential and returning customers - and if you are slow to get into video publishing you are also running the risk that your competitors are getting ahead in this important area.

The Mobile Trend... or Tidal Wave More Like!

The rapid adoption of tablets both for consuming internet content on the go, and at home, mean online video sources are rapidly gaining more viewing time than traditional broadcast TV.

Larger screen mobiles - the largest being the so-called "phablets" - and the ever wider availability of fast 4G connections - mean that the growing segment of mobile web users are just as likely to be watching video as desktop users.

Video on Mobile:

  • 72% of consumers watch video on their mobile phone
  • 7 out of 10 viewers of videos on mobile watch videos embedded within websites (i.e. it's not all from apps)
  • Average YouTube mobile video views passed 1 billion per day in 2013 (already 40% of traffic on YouTube at that time was mobile)
  • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others

Sources: Techcrunch, YouTube PR, Invodo
Tips For Your Video Marketing To Mobile Users:

  • Always consider the small-screen viewer in your video productions: no tiny text or reliance on small visual details, don't expect long uninterrupted viewing (or offer short summary/intro videos first)
  • Aim for the widest compatibility in the embedding of your video: and embed responsively
  • Design for viewing with sound off and design the video to be even better when the sound is on
  • On text-heavy pages of your site, consider pushing the video summary up to the top in the mobile view
  • Watch your analytics to gauge how well your videos are holding mobile viewers' attention

Videos are Incredibly Shareable

Videos are one of the most shareable types of content, because it is clear to people what they are sharing (instead of having to point people to a particular bit of text) and videos are rightly perceived as the easiest way to check out new information. Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute -- it just goes to show 'tweeting' is not just about text. Making your business's content more easy to share will increase your brand's visibility and attract more customers. You should design your videos with "word of mouth" in mind: "how can we make people want to share this?" ... "how can we make it easy to share?"

Including videos on text-based content makes the content look more comprehensive, and this aspect makes it more appealing to readers, which increases the probability of having the content shared.
Jason Acidre,

Increase Conversion Rates

Having plenty of strong video content in place can drastically increase your conversion rates: in effect your videos can become an entire customer service and sales team, on auto-pilot. Customers can choose videos relating to their interests and needs, so in a way they build their own "pre-sell" information and get much closer to trusting you with their business.

Customers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after they have viewed a video about it. This means that by doing something as simple as creating a video about a product or a service can vastly increase your business’s conversion rates.

What are two of the biggest questions in marketing today?

SEO and Mobile.

"How can we improve search engine rankings and traffic?" and "How can we produce content in a format that's suitable for mobile users?"...

Video answers both these questions: a real win-win for your business and your customer.

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Analyze Your Video-Production Capabilities

While video marketing is highly beneficial to almost all businesses, it is also fairly challenging for everyone too. The main challenge is quality: conceiving and then creating videos that are of a high enough standard to project the right professional image.  This is of particular importance where your brand already has an established consumer audience and brand perception, and also in B2B situations where a high grade of presentation is required from the outset.

The quality challenge for even apparently simple video production is multifaceted:

  • achievable idea with clear scope
  • budget and sign-off, involvement of the right stakeholders
  • ability to script and storyboard where multiple people are involved
  • 'acting' and voice skills of any presenter / interviewer/ interviewee
  • getting the right location and setting
  • gaining permission for public spaces, inclusion of other people in the video etc
  • administrative / coordination issues around getting the right people in the right place at the right time for a "shoot" - possibly involving disruption to normal daily work
  • technical considerations of camera, focus, lighting, and sound
  • further considerations regarding the subject matter, e.g. close-ups, movement shots, aerial photography, special effects
  • editing: technical aspects around software, and the skill and creativity of the video editor
  • editing: how to work well between the technician and the manager so that the result is close to what is wanted with minimal time wasted on communication and revisions
  • adding branding and text / animation / illustration features
  • internal review, revision, and approval steps
  • pre-publishing steps such as description, annotation, accompanying promotional material
  • publishing and distributing
  • version control, archiving, and updating

Nowadays, people are very attuned to quality signals when it comes to videos, even if these videos are from a small business or even an individual. Looking at the above list, many businesses simply do not have the tools, the knowledge, or the resources to produce the kind of videos they'd want. This means there needs to be both a short term strategy about how to output video either by reducing the scope and difficulty of the production, or by outsourcing to specialized professionals. And in the long term, the strategy needs to focus on how to build up the production capability within the normal content and marketing activities of the business, so that putting out videos becomes more accessible and less costly... leading to a higher frequency and higher quality of videos and ever-improving marketing results in this medium.

We will not pretend videos are easy to produce. We will also not pretend to offer a quick or cheap fix: videos are part of a complex content strategy that needs to be built up over the long term in view of your whole marketing strategy. So it is very important to consider the real issues involved in producing videos of good quality, and doing so systematically.

Animations and Slideshows
Not all your videos have to be fully fledged live-action movie shoots. Simple "speak to webcam" videos are the most obvious way to create short personal pieces. Sharing videos of webinars is another way to create instant video content.
Another area to consider is animations. These can be highly engaging for your viewers, while freeing you from a lot of the cost and complexity of human actors. On a more simple basis, creating video powerpointslideshows or animated and narrated photo / diagram / screenshot selections can be ways of getting a message across that are still easier to digest than long text pages.
Check out the tools PowToon and Animoto for ideas about how a little animation work can go a long way to helping you communicate well through video.

Video Distribution and Promotion

Even when you produce clever, interesting, and well-produced videos, you still have to make sure they get watched!

From a standing start, getting videos ranked highly or shared on social media sites can be difficult for many businesses. Popular video sharing websites like YouTube have millions of videos in their database, with more content being added at a rate of over 300 hours of video per minute. Obviously, brand new videos are going to have a hard time standing out if you rely only on the natural discovery of videos inside these sites.

We work with you to optimize videos for discovery as well as coordinate the promotion of your videos to your audience within your website, newsletter, and social media. As discussed above, it's also vital to design videos so that they are shareable, allowing them to be spread by word of mouth between your customers and their contacts.

10 Performance Tips for Youtube

  1. Keep videos short and focused on a clear topic. Deliver what your viewer wants. The main reason people don't finish watching a video is because it doesn't match what they expected to see within the first few seconds of viewing. Youtube will rank up videos which get watched all the way through, and rank down videos which get skipped.
  2. Don't allow your channel to go stale. Post new videos regularly.
  3. The majority of videos you produce shouldn't be slick adverts: in fact, you should avoid the appearance of making a sales pitch. Focus on help / advice / tips / summaries / news / reviews etc. You can promote your products and services more effectively within the context of this useful / informative content.
  4. Create videos on a proactive schedule of topics, but also throw up quickly produced videos to respond to trends, answer frequently asked questions, or target new keywords you see bringing you traffic.
  5. Another good source of ideas is to take top pages of your site and make a video summary of the same topic. This can then be embedded in the page to supplement that key content, as well as helping bring outside video viewers in to your main page.
  6. Pick your video thumbnail carefully so it encourages people to have a look.
  7. Choose your video title and description carefully for keywords and encouraging people to watch.
  8. Add a "Subscribe" annotation link to every video, and encourage people to subscribe within the script or intro/outro of the video itself. Also, check out the feature called Subscribe Watermark.
  9. Use an external link annotation to allow your viewers to hop over to your main site, and encourage people to do that within your video.
  10. Don't rely only on Youtube traffic to get views. Embed your videos within your site or blog, and promote them via your social media. 'Evergreen' content can be repeatedly promoted over time, and your best videos could be worth having permanently switched-on advertising campaigns to draw views in social media. More views and subscribes equals better ranking in Youtube so this is a good feedback loop.

Video Marketing Means Making It Easier And A Better Experience For Your Viewer To See And Hear What You Need To Communicate

A lot of businesses starting out in video marketing make the mistake of not having clear goals for the videos they are putting out. Often, videos are too sales-orientated while simultaneously trying to talk to all customer types at the same time, which is off-putting to the viewer. The viewer is interested in her own needs and wants, so your video should focus on a clear idea of that, and then set goals about how to connect that back to your brand and marketing.

When we work with you on videos, we'll discuss and confirm what you want to achieve and who the video is for. We ensure you don't waste time creating the wrong type of video content.

Here are some questions to consider initially:

  1. What are the main service and product information pages where a video will help communicate better?
  2. In what areas of advertising and new customer conversion would videos likely improve your results quickly?
  3. What are the information needs of your customers, and how could you use informational videos to attract and build up an audience?
  4. What are your main blockers making video production difficult and slow? How can these skill and resource gaps be filled?
  5. Can you imagine a customer pathway in which the majority of text reading, email, and FAQs are solved by video instead?

Viral videos don't have to involve Jean Claude Van Damme straddling two trucks: for example, a small Swedish book store created a video mocking up a crashed Google Streetview car to depict the "limits of the internet" and why travel books still have a place... this single video tripled their website traffic and increased sales by 13% -- the key is finding ideas that resonate with your audience.
(see: Travel Book Shop case study from

Contact Enlightenment Media today to discuss video and get ideas about our unique Universal Solutionsand Game Plan for your digital marketing.


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