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A strategic rethink of your digital marketing should lead you to a clearer idea how you want to position and present your brand. Your Brand logo design is the simplest and most direct encapsulation of that brand. Using optimized imagery, your brand name, and key power words of your tagline, you have to get across your brand idea correctly and instantly. In such small place where you have such a lot to communicate: we'll help you get this done really well.

A brand identity design seems like a small thing, but done right, it's like a nuclear fuel cell at the center of your business - it gives never-ending power to everything your brand does. Contact Enlightenment Media today to get thinking about logo design -- expert, thoughtful, practical help from lifelong marketers and branding experts.

Logo Design: Too Important To Be Left To Graphic Artists

Don't get us wrong, you need to find a very talented and creative graphic designer for your logo and brand visuals. The best designers really know how to listen to your ideas and come up with images and styles that exactly match what you're trying to project.

But working with a graphic artist is not enough in itself.

Your logo ideas must come from your own concept of your brand's image and psychological positioning. And the logo should match and communicate to your customer what you are trying to say about yourself. Your logo design must be part of a wider brand design plan, and the design of a logo should be led by that brand plan, rather than being done in isolation.

What you want to communicate to your customer, through your brand name and image, should be seen from your customer's point of view. So be alert, when designing your logo and imagery, about whether you are trying too much to say "This is who WE are, this is how WE see OURselves"... instead of standing in your customer's shoes and saying "What do I need? What do I expect to see? When I see this does it match what I want?"

Logo design is really something you can't afford to do casually or haphazardly. It is the first impression your customers get of your brand, and it's the key to how they remember you... in fact, whether they remember you!

In general, businesses need stability in their brand presentation, so logos can't be updated frequently. This makes it all the more important to get it right this time round.

But don't worry that you are committing yourself to a literally permanent change. You should consider setting a 'reminder' every 2 years or so to revisit the notes and ideas from your project and consider whether you should update again. Some rebranding ideas can be done progressively, especially if it reflects the evolution  and expansion of your products and services.


Brand Updates: Get Plenty Of Opinions

To be brutally honest, the worst brand names and logos are usually those that were thought up by the founder of the company and never got discussed with anyone (except maybe family members) at the time, let alone afterwards. How likely is it that this brand is the best possible name, let alone the choice of images and style for the logo?

But after this early-days snap decision, tt seems to be something set in stone.

When it's time for the marketers to question whether the brand image, or even naming, could be improved, this can typically meet with a lot of resistance. But managers and business owners are right, in a sense, to resist change. Often, their intuitions about the brand ARE correct. Once a brand is established it is often better to double down on that name and image, than to second-guess it and confuse everyone with an attempted identity change.

An ineffectively implemented brand update can be highly disruptive and even counter-productive for an active business.

In a bigger, higher-powered business, there comes a time you need to go to an expert branding agency to help you. Even if you are not ready for that, take a look around at the portfolios and case studies of how such agencies help enterprises. You'll gain a lot of useful ideas to apply to your own design and brand planning, as well as seeing how brand re-launches are done by some bigger firms. It can't hurt to plan ahead for your own company's future!

The best antidote to the risks and politics of brand changes is open discussion. The more people who can be involved in sharing ideas, the better. For owners/founders who feel duty-bound to "protect" a brand name or image, it will be important to ask them to be open minded about hearing ideas without having to commit (yet) to any decision to change things at short notice. Demonstrating that there is a mature and broad consultation going on, with a marketing strategy behind it, is a good way of building confidence that you are going about this in the right way.

It's also important to keep an open mind during the idea-gathering stage. Don't make it about narrowing down to particular specific options, or limiting the range of options. At the start, just get as many ideas as possible from the people who have a stake in the brand. This should include customers: find ways to involve them in defining what the brand means and how it can be represented visually. You can narrow down ideas and create visual design options in the second stage.

Enlightenment Media won't preach at you about marketing fads or trendy abstract brand theories: we want to work with you to get everything about your brand well-aligned, between all the stakeholders in the business. Even an apparently "small detail" like a logo is something that is well worth taking good time over.

Logo Design Considerations

Here are a few problems often encountered with logos which can be anticipated early in the design stages:

  • Is your brand name easy for people to pronounce consistently? What about in foreign languages?
  • Can your customers recognize your logo without the words?
  • Is the logo clear and readable in tiny sizes?
  • Can the logo be elegantly presented in square shape (e.g. an app icon) as well as in normal online rectangular fields?
  • How well will the logo stand up with different colored backgrounds, when it's transparent, and when it's printed in grayscale?
  • Is your logo unexpectedly confusing or accidentally similar to some other logo you haven't thought of?
  • Placed in a group mixed with your competitors' logos, how does your planned design stand out?


Marketing-oriented branding

When your logo and visual branding match your marketing message, it becomes much easier to communicate with new customers and for your brand to gain a permanent place in their mind.

Here are some things to consider:

  • The top factors in new customers converting are trust, a sense of professionalism, and a clear matchbetween the business offer and what they need: these just so happen to be the top three things your visual brand has to communicate instantly
  • Color schemes have repeatedly been shown to be highly influential in customers' subconscious perception of who you are and what tone of relationship they can expect to have with your brand
  • Consistent repetition of brand imagery in the key touch points of your customer journey, including customer support and communication of guarantees, will generate all the right associations of trust and satisfaction: how you use your logo is just as important as having a good design in the first place
  • Don't ignore internal marketing: great branding has been shown to be influential in improving your own team members' alignment to your values, and help attract the right new hires

To some extent, being up-to-date with modern visual styles is important for every brand: your logo should not make you look old-fashioned or out of touch. Even brands that focus on projecting an image of tradition, classic style, conservative values etc can interpret modern styling in terms of visual details, and still remain aligned with the intended brand meaning.

This is a very noisy world and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. So, we have to be very clear what we want them to know about us.

--Steve Jobs

Logo Re-Design: When Is The Right Time?

We'll look at the question of logo design and branding at various stages of working with your business:

  1. If you have approached us specifically with a brand redesign requirement, we'll prioritize that.
  2. When we first audit your current marketing position and look at your website and customer materials, we'll include an assessment of how clear and consistent your branding is. This may already lead us to suggest some areas for improvement.
  3. We provide web design services, and launching a new website is often the key part of a rebooted digital marketing campaign. This is often a good time to revamp the logo and branding too.
  4. In your longer-term marketing plans, which we help you discuss and document, you should always consider a timescale on which to revisit your branding regularly. In today's fast-changing business environment, it doesn't make sense to plan for a logo and brand image that will last forever. Even if your changes are only incremental, you should be willing to keep on improving your brand image just as much as you keep on improving all the other details of how you serve your customers.

This web page may look like there's a lot of work involved in a brand update, but in practice, once the right people are in the conversation, good ideas rise to the top and get decided on very quickly. Our role in your branding is to contribute a fresh perspective and ensure we stick to deadlines laid out in your Marketing Game Plan. Click here to read more about Enlightenment Media's unique Game Plan approach.

The average customer journey ranges from 9 days for financial services, to 27 days for clothing purchases. In B2B it is typically much longer. Is your brand image super memorable and projecting all the right ideas in your prospect's mind this whole time?


If you need help immediately on web design, logo design and branding topics, we are ready to help you right now. Contact Enlightenment today with ideas and questions - we are looking forward to helping out!

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