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Attentive, Engaged Customers Who Are Ready To Reach For Their Wallets: This Is What Content Marketing Is All About

Attract new clients, create trust, and convert customers way more easily: content marketing is the creative approach increasingly favored by leading brands.

With a constant stream of insightful, useful, and entertaining content, your site can draw in a constant stream of new users, and establish your brand in a memorable and authoritative position in your client's mind. By providing practical and interesting content, you show your brand is not just about selling, but also helping your customers, and building conversations and relationships with real people.

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Quality Content: Critical for Performance Across All Your Online Marketing

Doing well in producing and publishing content is a critical capability for all aspects of your marketing:

  • In SEO, the quality and relevance of your content above all determines how high your position will be in the search results;
  • In social media, you must have a consistent stream of original content to share with your followers;
  • In your advertising and promotions, you need content that will engage fresh prospects and produce good results from your ad spend;
  • In conversion rate optimization, the testing and improvement of your content is vital for ensuring your website visitors take action.

Content marketing services, in the simplest sense, is providing information or entertainment value, for free, to your customers (and prospective customers) in return for their attention. When done well, content marketing builds trust and brand recognition: vital areas to increase the initial conversion of new customers, and keep existing customers coming back.

While the term "content marketing" came into vogue a few years ago perhaps mostly as a cynical view of creating keyword-rich fodder for search engines, the best practices in digital marketing have now shifted to recognize the importance of investing in content that is valuable for real human consumption! Specifically - you need to consider your audience: what will they will find interesting, useful, inspiring, entertaining... ? If your content is engaging and relevant to your business, it will help bring them several steps closer to trusting you with their business.

72% of B2C marketers are producing more content than they were one year ago.
In 2015, 71% of marketing departments will increase their content marketing investment "without a doubt".

In 2013, 9% of marketers produced infographics: in 2014 this had grown to 52%

-- Content Marketing Institute; Curata; Demand Gen

Trends we are likely to see in content marketing are the continued blurring between advertising and information, and the development of more integrated campaigns, where ads and social media promotions combine with valuable on-site content to build up a multi-part brand message.

As content marketing develops and more good ideas are discovered, it's essential to have a partner in your marketing who keeps up to date. In content marketing it is vital to plan ahead.

60% of the most effective B2C marketers have a documented content strategy.
The difference between a good content marketer and a great content marketer is documented strategy.
-- Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute


Starting from an abstract question of strategy can seem off putting for results-driven business people, and that's understandable. Theories shouldn't overtake the importance of what you know best about your products, customers, and market. Planning should begin from what you know, and innovate from there.
It is common for businesses to get stuck for new ideas when faced with the need to create a consistent stream of creativity and innovation. But any kind of business can produce high quality and effective content marketing, even niche and B2B businesses.

The key in generating content marketing ideas is to focus on what will be valuable to your customers.

What Kind of Content?

Text content could be in the form of blog posts, resource pages on your website, article posts on other websites, or downloads such as PDFs.

Have you thought of producing...

  • Reports, research, and statistics
  • Tips, how-to guides, and tutorials
  • Practical resources such as tables, checklists, reference guides
  • Detailed white papers or whole ebooks
  • Case studies
  • News and commentary
  • Press releases
  • Top lists, reviews, and recommendations
  • Troubleshooting help
  • Email autoresponders

Don't forget that good quality text-based content can translate into useful printed brochures and mailings... and vice versa. If you have a great print catalog, find ways to share this in different ways online.

Not everything works best primarily as text: consider producing other media content such as:

  • Infographics and charts
  • Maps and diagrams
  • 3D views, schematics, tours, or panoramas
  • Slideshows and galleries
  • Videos (a huge area of potential in its own right!)
  • Podcasts (i.e. audio blogging)

Additionally, consider how good quality text, image, and video ads are a form of content in themselves.

If your content is interactive, by definition your audience will be more attentive and engaged:

  • Software utilities / apps / games
  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Calculators
  • Diagnostic wizards

Here are some important questions to consider about your content marketing:

  1. Have you got all the different skills in your team to produce professional content?
  2. What kind of audience is the content aimed at? At which stage of their customer journey?
  3. Will the content be part of a promotional campaign?
  4. Will the content be on your site, or distributed on other websites?
  5. On what schedule will you produce and publish content, and who will ensure goals are met?

It's useful to have a fresh pair of eyes to consider your strategy, and Enlightenment Media will work with you to create and implement content marketing strategies that generates results. Contact us today to find out how content marketing forms a part of our Universal Solution for your marketing.

Everything Else in Your Marketing Gets Boosted When Your Content Is Excellent

With Enlightenment Media working on your content marketing as part of a universal strategy for your brand, you'll be able to watch your quantity of leads / followers steadily growing, and see improved responses when you promote your products or services to this more engaged audience.

Content marketing gets you:

  • ...higher rankings in search engines
  • ...more relevant and attentive first time customers
  • ...plenty of natural links and recommendations from online users you like your stuff
  • + "evergreen" content can continue delivering results on auto-pilot long after you set it up
  • + smartly designed content attracts brand new customers who might otherwise never have heard of you and your product/service

The impact of good content on your conversion rates cannot be overstated: your target customers are much more likely to purchase your product or choose your service if they have already received useful information towards that decision... and the trusted source of this useful information is you.

Content Marketing That Works

Example effects of content marketing campaigns:

  • InsideOut, a corporate training company:
    - Improvement in lead generation of 388%
    - Improvement in email click-through of 20%
    - Reduced email opt-out by almost 90%
  • Zillidy, a personal lending company:
    - 10x growth in social media audience
    - 250x growth in social shares from followers
    - 1350% increase in search engine traffic

Source: Econsultancy case studies

As well as being highly powerful, content marketing is a fun to develop. Our clients usually find brainstorming content marketing ideas to be one of the most enjoyable and creative aspects of their marketing. Contact Enlightenment Media now to start developing awesome content marketing plans.

Frequency and consistency are critical in building up an audience and getting the most out of your content marketing ideas. Manageable targets and processes are key. Starting and consistently updating a blog is one of the most important disciplines, and hardly any business can afford to do without one.

77% of internet users regularly read blogs


B2B content marketers that operate a blog generate 67% more leads than those who don't.

--Social4Retail study, 2014

Choosing a Creative and Commercially-Focused Marketing Partner

Although an increasing number of businesses understand the importance of content marketing, many struggle to produce content that is engaging, and have even more difficulty doing so on a consistent basis. To some degree, a new "publishing" capability has to be created in your business. Getting help from top experts like Enlightenment Media will make this process much easier and less costly.

Beware lazy content outsource providers. Many marketing agencies will focus on generic content ideas and spammy distribution. The work is wasted or may even damage your reputation. In contrast, at Enlightenment Media you'll find we are highly creative with our marketing ideas and will help you generate lots of original content that your customers will love. We begin by getting a very clear understanding of your brand vision and your market, allowing us to produce the most relevant content plans.

93% of marketers are measuring the results of their content marketing... but 90% of them expressed uncertainty that their metrics are effective in measuring business results.
-- Contently

We will work with you to establish key performance indicators for content marketing campaigns, as with all the areas of your marketing we cover in your Game Plan - and make sure we continuously review the effectiveness of new tactics, so it is clear where investment should be best allocated.

Content Marketing, without the marketing, is just content...!

Many businesses work hard at producing interesting resources for their audience, but fail to distribute and promote the content. What doesn't get seen by enough people, fails to produce results.

Our work on your content marketing will ensure that what we share gains traction and reaches the right kind of customer, priming them to take the right commercially valuable action.

This is another area where having a holistic approach to your strategy ensures that the creative marketing work has commercially valuable and measurable results.

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New To Proactive Content Marketing? Build On What Already Works Well...

Content marketing doesn't have to begin with the most ambitious and wildly innovative ideas. Often, the quickest results will come from analyzing the core information and advice content in your business that already works... and upgrading it to speak to your customer even more directly and powerfully.

Here are the first areas any content marketing work will need to look at:

  1. Enhancing your core content (such as product/service descriptions and company pages)
  2. Researching your customer's concerns and interests to map out priority content topics
  3. Establishing means of delivery for content (especially newsletters and social media)
  4. Find opportunities to distribute high quality content in a variety of different media
  5. Pooling creative resources to come up with the most sticky/viral content ideas on a consistent basis

When we work on your content marketing, we will provide you with a single point of contact to make sure the often complex workflows of content production and publishing don't affect your own workload. Working with Enlightenment Media, your business will get a lot more done... and it will feel a lot easier to achieve.

B2C marketers use an average of 12 content marketing tactics at once!-- Content Marketing Institute

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