Social Media:

Prioritization is highly important in social media marketing work, where the range of creative possibilities is enormous, and you are considering tactics with a mixture of short and longer term value. Here are some of the things we would like to discuss with you: How significant are your social media channels already in terms of bringing in traffic and new business? Are you suffering from competitors having a better presence in social media? What processes or skills in your team seem to be lacking to implement creative ideas in social media? What are the ways you offer value to prospective customers early in their purchase journey or between purchases? Who in the company believes in social media, and who doesn't? What are the reasons and what are the criteria being mentioned? It is often easier to revitalize your social media and get more active in communications with your customers this way, than to work on complex and detailed improvements to your main website. We're pragmatic about getting marketing activities started up that bring fast results, so we'll definitely be talking with you about a list of immediate behaviors to start up in social media while we continue building content marketing plans with you in the background. Very often the easiest way for business management to appreciate the value of social media marketing is to explain in detail why it is unimportant. Challenge the assumptions and seek facts. Digging into the possible misconceptions about social media is great fun, and everyone benefits from a change of mindset that says "let's stop guessing... let's test it"!   Complex/Niche business? We are always happy to look at unusual or highly specialised businesses tackling social media... In fact, our favorite are companies which start out strongly believing social media are irrelevant, only to look in delight after a few weeks at the metrics of a completely new traffic source nobody believed was there. Contact Enlightenment Media today and tell us social media marketing isn't that important to your business, we dare you!

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