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Successful SEO places your brand above all the competition, so you attract the lion's share of web visitors in your market, day in, day out...

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Now you can gain lasting high positions in Google search results and other search engines by deploying the 'full spectrum' SEO weaponry of one of the top Search Engine Marketing companies in the U.S.

Gaining your website (above all your competitors) the most valuable non-stop flow of targeted visitors, and converting this traffic directly into business growth and stronger brand recognition.
Contact Enlightenment Media SEO agency based in Melbourne FL about professional SEO services today, and immediately receive details of our unique Game Plan solution for your digital marketing, plus immediate free advice from our team of experts.


Search Marketing: Key Facts


  • About six billion searches are performed on Google globally, per day.
  • Organic search traffic is the top source of traffic and top driver of revenue, higher even than paid search advertising.
  • In searches including a brand name, the website in top position receives over 50% of all clicks.
  • Did you know: there are 7 different places a brand can appear in a search results page...
  • High search rankings for important keywords are routinely worth $100,000s or millions of dollars in terms of additional sales gained !

How much potential traffic in YOUR market?
Just ask us for traffic estimates and we can help quantify the search traffic you stand to gain...


SEO: Competitive... But Massive Rewards...

Nothing else can come close to the ROI of successful SEO work, giving you streams of high-relevance traffic non-stop without having to pay for the clicks!

In the simplest view, SEO is nothing other than a competition. To be no.1, your result has to be better than whatever web page is at no.2. This means that competitor analysis is essential: at Enlightenment Media we employ software tools to investigate the competition for your market, and select the best keywords to target for your SEO.

Market Position Diagnosis (including detailed competitor SEO research) is the second part of the process we'll go through to develop your Game Plan. Click here to read more about our uniquely comprehensive approach to your marketing strategy.

Winner Takes All

Position no.1 in Google search results gets three times more clicks than position no.2, and first page results account for more than two thirds of all clicks from searches. With searches including a brand keyword, first position results get over 50% of all clicks.

You are probably familiar with the competing brands and websites that are outranking your brand in Google and other search engines. The rankings you see are unlikely to be purely 'natural', as your competitors are almost certainly already working on optimized content and SEO linking tactics. There is no alternative: your business has to weigh in and get involved in this competition too!

You can't afford to be left behind in SEO, and Enlightenment Media are the partners you need for the comprehensive expertise and dependable work that is needed to meet your expectations.

SEO Agency Pricing | Enlightenment Media, Inc. SEO in Melbourne, FL

At Enlightenment Media our unique approach is to build expert SEO tactics into a Universal Solution for your marketing.  We focus on complete solutions from the very beginning.

For clients with a specific focus on affordable SEO services we will be happy to take the time to understand aims and expectations, and offer a highly competitive SEO service: please contact us today to get a quotation within two business days, with no obligation and no hard sell.


Reaping the rewards of hard work

There is nothing quite as satisfying -- and profitable -- as watching your web analytic dashboard light up every day with high-value web traffic cascading in from the search engines. If this seems like a distant dream, or you've long lost good rankings, you're in for a brighter future with Enlightenment Media on your side.

How would you like to see your brand message and website link at the top of the most important web searches in your market?

  • A strong SEO position will bring you a non-stop flow of highly relevant and motivated potential customers, day in, day out...
  • High rankings create virtuous circles for your other marketing tactics, helping you build email subscribers and grow your social media audience;
  • Only with an expert agency on your side can you stay secure in the knowledge your site's rankings will be ethically established and constantly maintained in your strong position;
  • Enlightenment Media guarantee you a service that takes the SEO pressure off you, and puts the pressure on your competition instead!

Matt and his team of digital marketing professionals have increased our exposure and ROI across the search engines... we increased our Rankings and ROI for our nationwide urgent care facilities, bringing in more patients at a lower cost.

Christopher T. Rehm - President, AfterOurs Urgent Care

Ask the SEO marketing experts.
If you have initial questions that you'd like to work through about SEO and how it could help your business, talk to our SEO services consultants: we are always happy to hear about new business challenges and apply our experience and marketing skillset to come up with great ideas for you.

Read More About SEO.
At Enlightenment Media we're avid about staying on the forefront of tactics and developments in SEO: and we are always glad to share our knowledge with you. Read recent articles related to SEO in the Enlightenment Media blog here.

SEO: not exactly a science... not exactly an art... more like an arms race!

In a sense, SEO has always been something of an "arms race" between the search engines and marketers who have been seeking to gain rankings actively. Naturally, the search engines wish to ensure their system is as invulnerable to being gamed as possible. On the one hand, this means that SEO work is never an open recipe or textbook, where there is a predictable "do X, get Y results" course of action. There is always a good deal of experimentation, and techniques are usually not instant in their results.

On the other hand, a further challenge is that whatever techniques are working currently, may not always continue to work, because of the evolution and improvement of the search engine systems. This means that SEO also involves constant changes and reinvention, to continue delivering results based on marketing objectives, in a kind of uneasy coexistence with search engines which don't really want this to be easy to do.

In practice, these aspects of SEO mean that it is highly difficult for non-specialist businesses to invest in building up SEO expertise and performance, and maintaining it, when this is not their core business area.

SEO is rarely a blank slate for any established business. We'll take a careful look at what's been done before, and that can include tidying up past linkbuilding done for you in the past that could even be harming your search rankings.


It is critical when choosing a partner for your SEO marketing that you trust you won't get into trouble from unscrupulous operations. Here are three important things to watch out for:

  1. Snake Oil SEO
  2. Link Spam
  3. Black Hat SEO

You can probably guess what the first two are all about, but what is Black Hat SEO? Perhaps it's best understood as everything that White Hat SEOs (like us - the goodies!) will never do! Bad SEO practices are best defined as underhand tricks for gaining a short term advantage via a loophole in search ranking algorithms. These tricks are frowned on ethically as well as by the search engines... risking significant penalties and recovery cost for businesses which get caught - or whose unscrupulous SEO agents get caught!

Without going into the details of SEO tactics and the risks of black hat behavior, clearly it's vital that you only work with an ethical SEO agency.

As with other areas of marketing, when your business is entrusting the search engine promotion and image of the brand to an outside marketing agency, you should choose only the most professional services.

Why Enlightenment Media for SEO?

The three unique aspects of Enlightenment Media are our Universal Solutions, the Game Plan we develop and implement for you, and what we call the Enlightenment Paragon.

In our search engine optimization services for you, this means:

  1. Universal Solutions: SEO is not done in isolation. All of the content, publishing, relationship building, site design, and keyword targeting are done in context of your brand message and understanding what your customers want.
  2. A Game Plan for SEO means that there is a correct balance of a long-term view (since gaining ranking for competitive search terms can take time) and short-term delivery of work objectives in site optimization, content development, and link building.
  3. The Enlightenment Paragon means your experience and satisfaction comes first. You will not experience the risks associated with distant and unaccountable SEO outsourcing agencies. Our approach is a personal and long-run relationship that builds value in to your business, and with SEO work as with other areas, we will ensure you have full visibility of what is being done and can track the results.

Enlightenment Media are an SEO services company and universal digital marketing solutions provider, based in Denver, Colorado and Melbourne Beach, Florida. Click here for more information about the company.


SEO: a long game but clear objectives to start work on... right now

As we begin the SEO exploration - here are some important questions we will work together to answer:

  1. "Do we have baseline metrics about how we are performing in the search engines?"
  2. "Do we know exactly which keywords and content are (and are not) working for us right now?"
  3. "Who are we trying to outrank... on what keywords... and how competitive is this going to be?"

By definition, SEO work is an ongoing process in which projects are developed over longer periods than more instant campaigns such as PPC advertising. But everything we do is based on a plan and we will set (and keep!) deadlines from the very beginning of your SEO setup.

Initial SEO position improvements are typically delivered in 5 business days. Enquire today, asking for our SEO deliverables example.

At Enlightenment Media we will ensure you have all the right documentation to aid your decision making about SEO services. However, we never treat clients in a generic way: an indispensible part of our unique Game Plan approach is extensive listening to your needs and expectations, and gaining a deeper appreciation of your brand's future position. This is what we intend to listen to and understand from our very first contact. Please contact us today to begin the conversation, with no obligation or high-pressure sales tactics.


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