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Can retargeting work for you? Here are some of things you can look at: How much of your existing web traffic already consists of returning visitors? How much of your paid traffic is repeat visits? Which of your products/services seem to take more views and time for the prospect to come to a purchase decision? Why is this and what information do they need at the different stages? Will reminding users about your product/service work best if it is done immediately after their visit... or a bit later? Can time-sensitive offers work to persuade people who almost took action and just need a little urgency added? What about adding small incentives? Should people be shown the exact same product/service that they didn't take action on before... or something different but related? Out of all the people visiting your website pages, which ones will be most relevant to capture for a retargeting audience? People who logged in? People who abandoned a cart or enquiry? People who viewed a certain number of pages? People who arrived from particular ad campaigns? How many times should a user see a follow-up ad before you conclude they are not interested? Retargeting and Privacy The retargeting options available in major ad networks like Google AdWords will be based on ethical, legal, and anonymous tracking technologies. There's nothing "black hat" about it. But privacy is a key concern for the modern web user, and as an advertiser you should respect this and build privacy awareness into a source of trust inĀ  your brand. Here are some important considerations around retargeting and privacy: Ensure your collection of data - usually this means via cookies - is legal and ethical. Make an effort to provide clear notifications for users and human-readable notes sections. Provide easy ways for users to opt out of tracking and retargeting. Abide by ad network rules - working with a professional agency such as Enlightenment Media will certainly help you avoid issues because of not reading page 201 of the fine print! Take advantage of repeat-view limitations, in other words don't excessively re-show your ads to the same people if they are not taking action. This can be perceived as spamming, stalking, or hounding web users, all of which create a privacy issue. Make sure there is a logical connection between where you gathered a tracked audience from, and the ads that you are retargeting them with. Enlightenment Media will ensure that your ad campaigns, including retargeting, are done ethically and within best practices of respect for web user privacy. This peace of mind is very important when you entrust your brand reputation to an external marketing agency.

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