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The initial risks of paid advertising online are, firstly, the scale, and secondly, the complexity. The risk of scale is that you can easily "burn" tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of days or even hours if you want. The advertising systems like Google AdWords are more than happy to let you do that! All the online advertising systems let you set up budget limits, but it's easy for things to get out of hand if you get tempted by the prospect of huge torrents of traffic (and you hope, new business) that are just a few clicks away. The risk of complexity is that newcomers to these systems find it hard to figure out the dazzling array of different settings and terminology... which either increases the risk of burning cash on clicks you don't want, or makes it likely that you will waste time, get frustrated, and give up before finding any good results. The truth of PPC is that it is not a great place for DIY tinkering. If you're spending your cash on advertising, every dollar should be directed by the best experience and intelligence you can find for targeting and tracking that spend. As any good PPC expert should tell you, long-term sustainability is the goal, and sustainability comes from confidence in measurable return on investment. The dollar you spend in advertising should be demonstrably bringing in more than a dollar in profit. What you won't get from most PPC agencies is any help actually improving your conversion and ROI. If your marketer only works on acquiring paid traffic, the best she will be able to tell you is which campaigns seem to generate business, and which don't. But with Enlightenment Media our Universal Solution approach means that we will also be working with you on the landing pages, offers, pricing, product/presentation, branding, sales messages, social media, and customer feedback... so we get to the bottom of what works and what doesn't, and improve it. Enlightenment Media is unique in the approach of taking responsibility for your whole marketing performance optimization, not only the quantitative optimization of your pay per click. Pay Per Click in the marketing mix Pay Per Click is a vital component of early growth marketing for new businesses, and for blasting the word out about rebranding, new products/service launches, and time-limited promotions. When you want immediate results, it has to be PPC. But your marketing should never be 100% based on PPC. You can't go out and buy marketing success if the rest of the picture isn't filled in... At Enlightenment Media, we're absolutely convinced that all businesses must have a holistic view of marketing tactics. We call this the Universal Solution and you will find your PPC performance is much better when it's done in combination with the full mix of marketing performance. Consider the following areas of marketing that we will help you with, at the same time as PPC: Ad impressions grow brand awareness: you need a strong brand and Paid traffic must convert: you need highly developed offers and a top quality website to generate consistent ROI from your paid advertising Finally, PPC is highly important for local marketing. Geo-targeting your ads is a powerful way of growing a local business, where it is much more difficult to focus on a geographic area with traditional advertising, or organic marketing in SEO and social media.

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