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Always on, always with us, always connected: advertising on mobile devices reaches more customers, more of the time... with new opportunities emerging all the time!

Go mobile and expand the reach of your advertising massively. Get expert help with creative design and campaign strategy to make the most of the unique features of mobile marketing and tablet advertising.

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If You're Advertising Online, You're Advertising To Mobile

For a short time in the early days of smartphones beginning to go online, there was a divide between the "normal" internet and the more limited "mobile internet". This has ceased to be true and mobile devices - smartphones and tablets of all types and sizes - are used to access all online things. It is hard to find any web information or service nowadays which is primarily accessed via desktop PC. On the contrary, there are many things you can do on smartphones and tablets which you can't on a desktop or traditional laptop computer.

More accurate location targeting using combinations of cell signals and GPS is one of the primary reasons advertisers can get better results with local ad campaigns on mobile.

For advertisers and online marketers in general, the ubiquity of tablets and smartphones makes it essential to take into account the technology and viewing experience of mobile users. In addition, the use of apps opens up new advertising opportunities which are not present for desktop PC traffic.

Major advertising networks including Google and Bing already display your ads to mobile devices by default, and in some situations it can actually be quite hard to switch a campaign to "desktop PC" only.  All of the social media networks are the same: content and ad campaigns in Facebook and Twitter reach mobile users just as much - in fact probably more, since people disproportionately spend time on social media on handheld devices.

While most advertisers' campaigns are showing up on mobile devices, it is also true that most businesses are not fully exploiting the potential of mobile advertising, and would benefit from expert assistance. Enlightenment Media provide you with mobile ad creative, campaign management, and strategy consultancy for your mobile advertising.

Global mobile ad spending will exceed US$35bn in 2015
Source: Statista

If you haven't already got your stats at your fingertips, check your web analytics to see how much of your web traffic already comes from mobile device users. However high it is, it's understated, in the sense that other search results like directories, maps, and reviews which mention your brand are also being viewed on mobile devices. Mobile-targeted ad campaigns allow you proactively to take control of how your brand is perceived and become recognized by a much wider section of your target market.

If you are not actively advertising to mobile users, or your ad campaigns include mobile without optimizing your ads and landing pages for the smaller screens, you're definitely missing out. Mobile search and display traffic are growing much faster than conventional desktop audiences. Make sure it's your brand, not your competitors, that these users see first.

Strong Mobile Performance Lifts All Your Online Marketing

When you have well-designed ad campaigns for both mobile and desktop viewing, the improved image of your business and repeat brand exposure will self-reinforce so that you get a better response to your promotions all round.

Your target customers are spending significant time researching your products and services on mobile devices, and you can "warm up" these prospects with useful information and attractive offers, resulting in ahigher conversion rate even if their final purchase is made at their desk.

Mobile drives nearly half of all ecommerce traffic
Source: IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark

Effective mobile advertising benefits your whole digital marketing performance:

  • visitors who become familiar with your brand and products/services on mobile are more likely to convert on desktop
  • social media audiences are more engaged if your promotions reach them when they are using their mobile device (instead of at their desk)
  • announcements and product launches gain visibility with mobile users which would otherwise be lost -- particularly when you can target prospects with more accurate location detection
  • reinforce your marketing message by retargeting mobile visitors on desktop, or vice versa

The cost-effectiveness of mobile advertising will also help you explore new keywords and campaign targeting ideas without incurring high costs, as may be the case with competitive areas in ordinary pay-per-click.

Work With Mobile Ad Experts: Get Results Faster

The marketing management of McDonald's recently described mobile advertising as "a sea of opportunity" in terms of "sales, engagement, and awareness" -- we completely agree, there is so much to exploit here, especially while your competitors may be taking longer to get up to speed. Businesses new to mobile advertising can be overwhelmed by the options, however, and could be discouraged if their first campaigns seem to burn up budgets without the correct targeting and professional creative.

Before beginning any mobile campaign, strategy questions are important: for example, how much of your budget should be on mobile as opposed to desktop online advertising? Should you be paying less... or more, for mobile clicks and conversions? How do we make sure our ads are shown in the most relevant places? Do we want our ads to appear inside other apps? These are exactly the kind of mobile advertising strategy questions we will work on with you.

Here are some more questions we're often asked about mobile advertising - do you know the answers? ;)

  • If someone views your ad on their mobile device, how do you know it's the same person when they visit your website on their desktop/notebook PC?
  • What is the most common screen size for smartphones?
  • Can you advertise on Snapchat?
  • How can we preview the appearance of ads inside apps?
  • Can we track which calls and leads came from our mobile ads?

Because at Enlightenment Media we believe no digital marketing tactics should be done in isolation, we provide you with a Universal Solution for your advertising that ensures your mobile ads are developed in line with your overall brand strategy. Contact us for more information.

Mobile Advertising Terminology

  • CPD - Cost Per Download: similar to Pay-per-Click, get billed when someone downloads your app or media
  • CPI - Cost Per Install, similar to CPD
  • Geofencing - defining a boundary or radius around locations, within which you target mobile users for messages and ads
  •  IDFA - the unique ID For Advertisers in iOS (Apple) devices,  used for anonymous tracking, analytics, and retargeting
  • Cross-device - just refers to tracking or user behavior where they switch between smartphone, tablet, and PC
  • iBeacon - Apple's solution for hyper-accurate location detection - including indoors - so ads and notifications can be served to those people at that time and place
  • Push - describes a variety of ways of showing alerts or notifications to users when they are not currently looking at your site or app


Is Mobile Advertising For Us?

As we've said, if you are advertising, then you need to be advertising online... and if you are advertising online then by default half or more of your views will come from users on mobile devices. So, yes, mobile advertising is for all businesses.

To exploit the special advantages of mobile advertising here are some ideas for you to consider:

  1. Promote special offers to people based on exact location: particularly relevant to bars, restaurants, and shops
  2. Boost your app to the top of its category by driving a rush of downloads
  3. Promote price comparison and ecommerce listings to people who are in shops deciding whether to buy off the shelf or cheaper online
  4. Provide immediate tap-to-call links for parts of your sales/service that are done by phone
  5. If your number is important for orders, you can set up campaigns where mobile users are rewarded (for example with a discount or coupon) when they save your phone number to their contacts
  6. Provide simplified "screen brochures" or slideshows about your products and services which you promote specially to mobile users

Mobile advertising is quick to set up but it is important to develop creative that appeals to users on small screens with touch navigation

Contact Enlightenment Media to discuss mobile advertising solutions, and advice about integrating these techniques into your overall online marketing strategy.


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