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The quality of your ads themselves is just as important as getting the display network placements right. Here are some of the skills you'll need to have in your team... or if you don't have these skills covered fully, get help from a full-service digital marketing agency like Enlightenment Media: Copy writing (words matter!) Graphic design Branding and editor supervision Offers and pricing management Landing page design and optimization Ad budget management Media buying and liaison Ad tracking and analytics Reporting and coordination Market research and competitor awareness Doing well in display advertising requires both the professional understanding of how to perform well in the many different networks, and the management and skills mix above to put out high quality campaigns with good turnaround. Don't forget that retargeting systems can cover CPM/display advertising as much as the main Google/Bing systems can. So if your remarketing ads are doing well in the Google Display Network, it is well worth looking at other places you can "follow up" those potential customers who visited but didn't take action. Finally, many of the benefits described here about brand recognition and trust, and broad reach of display networks, are also applicable to social media. You can create very high performing display campaigns, including on a CPM basis, in Facebook and others, so these are well worth looking at if you are choosing to build broad market awareness as well as CPC-style direct clicks. Building brand awareness is not an end in itself and neither is driving clicks to a website. You must put all of this in context of an integrated marketing strategy, and that is what we'll do for you with our unique Universal Solution approach. --  Enlightenment Media Contact Enlightenment Media to get immediate, practical suggestions about how to lift all of your digital marketing and brand strength online.  

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