Powerful Ideas AND Implementation

We offer you expert business strategy advice and marketing consultancy, but we are unique in also being able to carry through the growth plans we suggest.
You can get access to highly experienced and expert digital marketing and business strategy professionals from the Enlightenment Media senior team. Our growth-oriented thinking will help your business grow faster. Because we are a full-service marketing agency we are one of only a few consultancies which will also be able to implement the marketing and growth plans we develop for you.

Contact Enlightenment Media Business strategy consultant today with your top business challenges and let us add some fresh, practical options to the table.

Experts From The Outside Help Your Team Work Together

Looking outside for expertise and ideas might seem like an unintuitive thing for your management team... It might almost seem like your team are not trusted to develop the business on their own. But, in the words of a popular Harvard Business Review seminar "You can't collaborate unless you agree on the problem." An effective consultant will help you define your challenges and opportunities clearly so all of the individual experts can work together with a shared vision.

Consultancy is not just for large companies - in fact, the largest consulting contracts cover only 3.1% of the market, showing that small and medium enterprises in the US are highly active in working with consultancies of matching size and style.

New, growing businesses can gain an "unfair advantage" by getting advice and connections from experienced business advisors who normally only operate with bigger organizations. Getting the right advice at the right time is also critical for small businesses to bridge the "no man's land" of reduced profitability and internal instability on the way to returning to stability and profit as a successful medium-sized enterprise.

Sales and marketing are usually at the heart of any business consultancy, and we will bring energy and practical ideas into your management circle with growth as the priority. Meanwhile, our experts' background in corporate environments and business building means that our advice still takes account of the importance of efficiency and integration with your unique company culture. This is why at the beginning of every consultancy, we will spend time understanding both your unique business model and the people who run it, so our consulting is well grounded in your reality.

Management consultancy is a $165bn industry, having grown at a rate of over 4% over the past five years
Source: Statista / IBIS

Topics commonly covered with our marketing/business consulting clients:

  • Defining marketing budgets for business plans or forward planning
  • Brand design, style guides, and digital intellectual property
  • Performance analysis and development recommendations
  • Website SEO and conversion rate optimization
  • App design and creative content marketing development
  • Software selection and cloud/server technology requirements analysis
  • Lead generation strategy
  • Customer segmentation and market research
  • Multi-channel advertising campaign strategy and creative
  • Feasibility studies for new business startups
  • Software testing and usability studies
  • System launches and support, such as implementing major marketing or CRM software systems
  • Crowd-funding campaign planning
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Business intelligence and report/dashboard design

We've also recently seen a surge of interest in mobile strategy consultancy. This is an essential area for digitally-focused businesses, as the population of smartphone and tablet internet users is growing much faster than conventional desktop users. Mobile strategy encompasses technical and design factors, including consideration of mobile web apps and/or native apps, plus advertising and social media marketing tactics.Contact Enlightenment Media today if you are interested in developing original ideas and action plans for your mobile marketing strategy.

"...Arms and Legs..."
Some consultants are in fact hired as contractors to perform specialist tasks or integrate within a project team. Enlightenment Media can supply stable-temporary team members or long-term management consultants. We will take time to understand your exact needs, whether it's advice or hands-on implementation.

For many of our consulting clients, the primary concern that led to them opening a conversation with us was simply as sense of getting lost or left behind in the accelerating technology of the digital space. Tactics and entire business models which made sense just a couple of years ago are being threatened by new upstarts andrapid changes in user behavior and preferences. Talking to digitally-focused researchers and business advisors is an excellent way to ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve.

A Good Consultant Helps You See Better

You know a good business consultant when you start getting a clear view... of things that have been in front of your face! You may already have the sensation that you "can't see the wood for the trees" because you are so involved with your business. A fresh pair of eyes may be able to spot problems and opportunities immediately, and a consultant will always help inject fresh energy into the solution.

Here are some benefits you can seek from your Enlightenment Media consultants:

  • identification of opportunities you may have overlooked
  • reinterpretation of problems into opportunities
  • a fresh look at your systems that quickly identifies bottlenecks
  • ideas about missing skills and talent to add and complement your team
  • suggestion of techniques and technology to make things easier
  • anticipation of risks based on wider experience of similar situations
  • peace of mind for top management to teams' recommendations evaluated by an independent industry expert

Enlightenment Media's consultants are selected for their communication skills: for us, one of the most important things is to be good listeners and help you "sound out" your ideas and problems with someone who understands and can give an impartial point of view.

"Consultants CAN absolutely be a waste of money! Why would I say that? Well, like any of your business investments, consultants need to be deployed for the right reasons, in the right way, at the right time. Talk to us about finding the right leverage point for YOUR business and making your investment count."

--  Enlightenment Media

Do We Need Consultants?

Business owners and senior managers are almost invariably positive about the benefits of bringing in outside expertise, but many businesses still never take action or even explore the possibilities of working with independent business consultants.

We believe there are 7 common reasons why organizations don't hire consultants - and the unique position of Enlightenment Media may help you check whether these issues truly apply to your business:

The Problem... Enlightenment Media
"Our business cannot afford expensive consultants" The scope/budget for consulting should match your business stage, for sure. However, accessing top level expert advice can be surprisingly less expensive than you think. It doesn't hurt to ask.
"We need to focus on practical work to build the business, not theory" Good consultants have a strong conceptual basis for their ideas and coaching, but this comes from experience not dogma. Our consultants are completely focused on action and results, not reading from a book.
"Since it is hard enough getting our own team to understand the business, we doubt outside people will really get it" Good consultants like Enlightenment Media's experts will spend detailed time getting to know your exact business and people. Our experience will help us suggest successful tactics which worked with comparable businesses. So it is important to have both a respect for your business's unique aspects, and discover examples from other businesses to draw on.
"I / We don't set the strategy around here so there is no point us talking about it" At Enlightenment Media we strongly believe everybody's knowledge and insights should be used in an organization to create an original and adaptive strategy. So, even if strategy is not in your official job description, we'll work with you to get practical successes and build your team's voice from within the organization.
"What we actually need are experienced full time managers in key positions, not uncommitted external advisors" Consultants can support your managers and significantly enhance their effectiveness. In most organizations, outside experts should not be considered an alternative to internal management strength. In young companies where there isn't the scale for hiring experienced senior managers, bringing in independent consultants can be a very effective way to strengthen the management team without high costs and hiring commitments.
"Consultants spout a lot of jargon which isn't useful to us and isn't realistic to implement" We'd have to agree with you on this one!
Many consultants spout business school jargon, and many consultants' advice is simply too idealistic or theoretical.
We aim to be different: speak plainly, focus on practicalities, and work with your team to get real results.
"If we change direction based on a consultant's advice we will be on a more risky course than continuing with what we know" One of the riskiest strategies for businesses is avoiding change. Narrow focus on a past successful model may cause an organization to become inflexible and unable to respond to changes in the market and customers' expectations until it is too late. Consulting is about analysis and contingency discussion first: so our consultants don't push you into unconsidered risks. It's our job to help you expand your options and weigh up business risks and opportunities in the best context and confidence you can get.

Enlightenment Media's marketing services are built on a key primary strategy: that marketing tactics shouldn't be done in isolation. We believe in a universal solution where your marketing agency integrates with your whole business and brand strategy and coordinates the right combination of tactics - a combination which evolves as your business grows.

Business Consulting: Asking Great Questions

Every business needs a good balance of free-thinking and discussion, versus controlled implementation. Having said this, it is rare to find businesses where the management circle feel completely in accord about the direction, and where more junior team members feel their vision and creativity are able to contribute to strategy. Most businesspeople would agree some additional time spent in unconstrained discussion and debate - as well as the usual formal planning structures - would help promote creativity and elicit breakthroughs.

Sometimes the best insights can come from asking the right high-altitude questions rather than trying to solve the same set of problems everyone already knows.

Here are some business strategy questions which can be considered at different levels in any organization:

  1. Who are our happiest customers and why?
  2. What product/service/category is currently on a growth path?
  3. What part of our activity is actually the post profitable (not necessarily the source of the most volume)?
  4. What are our customers asking for, which we don't offer and turn them away?
  5. What is our biggest source of new customers and what are we doing to develop it?
  6. In internal organizations what are the most common culprits that we blame for slowing us down or stopping us implementing good ideas?
  7. What risks to our business model can we foresee from future technology and automation?
  8. If someone was building a well-funded competitor to us right now, what differences would they put in place to be more attractive to customers or mor profitable?

It is always beneficial to have diverse and original thinking in your strategy sessions: have you considered adding in external business consultants? Consultancy can be at the senior level via part-time marketing directors or project advisors, while coaching for middle managers and training/support for teams are also highly effective ways of boosting your effectiveness with outside knowledge and creativity.

We'll start taking notes from your very first call with us. But how much of a consultancy should be about writing things down, and how much should be free discussion... and ACTION! Documentation and sharing of discussions and decisions are important factors to consider, and we'll work with you to match your internal communication style. In order to provide long-term value we feel it is essential to work in harmony with your team members and energize them, not create extra work!

Consulting Tailored To Your Organization

We will adapt our consulting projects to suit your organization's needs. Here are some questions to consider about your requirements:

  1. Online communication (after initial meetings) or regular on-site work?
  2. Focus on research, planning, and documentation, or focus on project management (/assistance), implementation, and collaboration?
  3. Key contacts and stakeholders?
  4. Team training and support?
  5. Key areas of experience and expertise needing to bring into the discussion?
  6. Consulting duration and deliverables?
  7. Initial research and proposal timeframe?
  8. Past consulting, documentation, projects, and important reports to take into account?
  9. Recent business changes or external factors that contribute to the requirement for external advisors?
  10. Doubts or concerns internally that can be addressed early on?

Once we have understood the key facts of your business and heard from you about your marketing priorities, we will return with options including actionable proposals within a matter of days. Consulting can be broken into smaller projects if you wish to move cautiously, while our consulting clients who receive assistance from us over the longer term will still receive clear monthly deliverables and reports.

Contact Enlightenment Media consultants today to get expert help with even the most complex business challenges: you pick the format, we deliver the inspiration AND keep it practical!


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