Getting More Reviews For Your Business

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Customer feedback can provide you with valuable insight to what you’re doing right – and what you’re doing wrong, as well. With the Earned Reviews platform, all you need is your customer’s email address to gather feedback, encourage online reviews, and measure your Net Promoter Score.

Getting Customers to Write Reviews

If you truly want your customers to provide feedback, sending them an automated, completely impersonal email isn’t likely to get you very far. Remember that you’re encouraging people to tell you about their experiences, and they’re far more likely to respond when the correspondence they receive is personalized just for them. With Earned Reviews, all you have to do is enter your customer’s email address.

What the Platform Does

The platform itself handles the rest by sending out a customized, branded email or link. In fact, these links go directly to your Google+ Local page, earned reviews platformyour Yelp profile, or even your Facebook page. You can choose from dozens of other business profile pages, too, in order to maximize your viewing potential. All of your happy customers and clients will have an easy, pain-free way to make their opinions known.

The Customer’s Part

Once the customer opens the email, he or she will be prompted to provide feedback regarding the product or service they’ve received from your business. These reviews are sent directly to a site that you’ve selected for your account, and they have an SEO advantage thanks to a review markup from However, if customers report negative experiences, this information is kept completely private until you’ve had the opportunity to respond to them and resolve their issues.

Reviewing Your Reports

Earned Reviews also provides a dashboard that makes it easy to see exactly what you’re doing right, and it gives you an even better opportunity to improve upon your weak areas. It shows your Net Promoter Score first and foremost, and it also shows how many requests for feedback you’ve sent, how many of your requests have been opened, and even the number of reviews you’ve received. You can see these numbers for the lifetime of your account, or you can view them for the previous 30 days if you’re interested in seeing more recent improvements.

Why You Need the Earned Reviews Platform

Customer feedback is one of the best (and least expensive) marketing tools you have at your disposal. In today’s day and age where people share everything via the internet, people rely on the experiences of others to make their purchasing decisions. When you can encourage more of your customers to give their feedback, and when you make it incredibly simple for them to do so, you’ll get more reviews – and that alone will help you generate more traffic and make more sales.

Earned Reviews is easy to set up, and it offers an affordable month-to-month subscription. There are never any contracts to sign, so you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, with all of the benefits offered by the Earned Reviews platform, you’ll find that the return on your investment is well worth it.

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