Content Strategy and Content Marketing: Different Things, but Connected

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When you read things on the internet about online marketing success stories, you will probably come across some sources that use the terms content strategy and content marketing interchangeably. These two things are very different, but they are very much connected. Here’s what you need to know about their differences and similarities.

How to Separate the Two

In order to understand the differences between content strategy and content marketing, think of two people in a room, both standing in front of a giant white wall. The content marketer will use a variety of big, bold colors to develop the story that an organization or company hopes to tell with the content that it will create. The content strategist will come in with pencils and fine brushes to fill in the gaps and better define that story. As you can see, they both do very different things, but it takes both to accomplish a very important goal.

Content Marketing

To put it simply, a content marketer is responsible for creating content, but not just any content. This content must be valuable and relevant to the content marketing content strategyaudience for which it is intended, and it should have an ultimate goal, whether that goal involves generating leads, driving sales, or improving engagement. The content marketer is also responsible for defining, acquiring, and engaging the target audience. It’s nothing more than a marketing strategy that focuses primarily on website and internet content with the end goal of building relationships with customers.

The Role of the Content Strategist

Whereas the content marketer is responsible for coming up with the target audience and determining what types of content are relevant to that audience, the strategist takes it a bit further. A content strategist views content like an asset – as important as the product or service the organization sells. It must be honed and perfected, and it must be useful and usable. The strategist is responsible for implementing and maintaining various types of content, but must also manage it throughout its entire lifecycle.

Why Organizations Need Both

No matter what your reasons for marketing, whether you’re trying to develop your brand, drive traffic to your website, engage with your customers, or even advertise your agency, you need both a content strategist and a content marketer if you want to be successful. It’s like having a driver and a navigator. The driver, like the content marketer, is responsible for plotting the right course. The navigator, like the content strategist, is responsible for keeping the driver on track, avoiding traffic jams and road construction, and seeing the trip through to its very end.

Understanding the differences between content strategy and content marketing can help you make better choices when it comes to your own business and what you hope to achieve. Ensuring that you have the right team by your side to get the job done will help you get more bang for your buck.

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