Simple Ways to Capture Email Leads Without Frustrating Visitors

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Email leads are important to just about any kind of sales-based business. They provide an opportunity to send marketing materials and drive interest in your product or service. However, it may seem difficult to capture email leads without seeming intrusive or bothersome to the people who visit your site. Here, you can learn a few ways to make the process simpler and far less frustrating for your visitors.

The Pop-Up Ad: The Most Popular List-Building Methodcapture email leads

You might employ this technique yourself, but even if you don’t, chances are good that you’ve encountered it several times while browsing the internet yourself. You search for a topic in Google, click on one of the results, and land on a page that has promised to provide those results. Before you can finish the first sentence, the screen dims and a popup window asks you to provide your email address for information. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? This is especially when it happens on a timer every few seconds, and you shouldn’t bombard your visitors in this way.

Less Frustrating Methods to Capture Email Leads

Fortunately, there are better (and less intrusive) methods that will allow you to capture email leads politely. The main goal is to ask visitors for their information without blocking their view of your content, seeming desperate, or making demands.

  • Wait until the end of the content. Instead of asking your visitors to provide you with their email addresses right way, wait until they’ve had a chance to read your content before you try to capture email leads. This way, they’ll know exactly what they’re subscribing to, and your leads will be of higher quality, to boot.


  • Wait until after page scrolls. Another method involves waiting until your visitor has scrolled down the page a set distance (perhaps 75%) and subtly sliding in a popup that is eye-catching but far subtler.


  • Offer an upgrade. This is a form of a two-step opt-in that actually works when you want to capture email leads. All you have to do is create a link that allows people to provide their email addresses in exchange for “premium” content.


  • Add a sidebar. Although popups are annoying to website visitors, sidebars are often expected, so people consider them less intrusive. Just make sure your sidebar is designed in such a way that it catches the eye and contains a powerful call to action.


  • Design and launch a landing page. A landing page can boost the rate at which you capture email leads by as much as 50%. You’ll need to offer something that will entice people to provide their email addresses, provide some reviews, use high-quality images, and make the subscribe button easy to find. You’ll be surprised at how well this works – and by how well people tend to receive it.

There are many, many techniques you can use to capture email leads, but before you choose which to employ on your website, make sure that you take the time to think about your visitors. Bombarding them with multiple popups that interrupt their experiences can have a negative impact on your brand. The techniques above will work just as well, but won’t leave your visitors feeling frustrated.  

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