4 Ways to Tell if Your Employees Are Doing Their Jobs Correctly

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Your employees are the face and the voice of your company. In fact, the people who take calls from leads hold the power to make or break your business in their hands. Here are four ways to tell if your employees are doing their jobs correctly without seeming overbearing.

Use Call Tracking Software

Call tracking and recording is crucial for any business that relies on telephone communication to succeed. Whether your employees are responsible employees are doing their jobsfor sales, technical support, or even billing, making sure that they are providing the right level of customer service is vital. Call tracking software can record inbound and inbound calls, and while this is generally used for training purposes to give new employees a sense of how the telephone call should play out, it can also provide you some valuable insight into how your seasoned representatives handle things. Be sure to review a certain number of calls each week so that you can intervene early if something seems to be amiss.

Implement Customer Surveys

One of the best ways to find out whether employees are doing their jobs correctly involves asking your customers outright. If you do not already have a customer survey program in place, be sure to come up with one. There are several ways to go about doing this, but in order to get the best results, you should consider implementing a callback plan. When your customers call your employees, you can have a brief recording ask them if they are willing to participate in a survey following their call. Then, if they agree, you can contact these customers and ask them questions that allude to their experience with your employee.

Monitor Their Performance

Monitoring your employees’ performance may seem a bit intrusive, but when you take the time to think about it, it is very important to do so. Many types of software allow you to listen in on phone calls and watch the employee’s computer screen (if applicable) at the same time, thus making you feel as if you are right there. Your employee will not know that he or she is being monitored at the time, so it gives you ample opportunity to find out if your employees are doing their jobs correctly, if they are missing an important part of the sales pitch, or even if they are failing to answer the phones in the first place.

Hold Regular Focus Groups or Meetings

Regular meetings with your employees can also provide a wealth of crucial information, but this is only true when you hold your meetings in person rather than via a video feed. Employees who engage with you and provide feedback based on their experiences are likely those who want to do their jobs correctly and even improve their overall performance. On the other hand, employees who seem sullen and withdrawn may not be as interested in your company’s mission, and while this does not necessarily mean they are bad employees, it gives you a place to focus your attention when it comes to performance monitoring and call tracking.

Knowing that your employees are doing their jobs correctly can take a ton of stress off of your shoulders. Not only do good employees promote an excellent business, but they help to get your message out into the world. These four tips can help you make sure that your employees are on your side.

4 Ways to Tell if Your Employees Are Doing Their Jobs Correctly
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4 Ways to Tell if Your Employees Are Doing Their Jobs Correctly
Being able to tell if your employees are doing their jobs correctly can help ensure the success of your company as a whole.
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