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We connect people with brands and brands to people at this Digital Marketing Agency.

Simple Solutions for Online Business

We connect people with brands and brands to people


Enlightenment Media is a big-picture, full-service digital marketing agency with one aim: to connect more customers with your brand.

You'll find it's easier and more economical than you think to take your business to the next level, once you start working with the right marketing partners. Enlightenment Media have the right mindset, the right experts, and the right dedicated attitude towards delivering you and your business the results you need.

Contact Enlightenment Media for immediate, practical help with the whole picture of your digital marketing - or get expert input on particular specialisms, see details below.

Full Spectrum Marketing Expertise

While our unique advantage is to plan and implement unified marketing campaigns for you, we will clearly explain to you all the tactics we deploy in different digital specialisms that together make up your Universal Solution.

We divide our main digital marketing specialisms into the following three types:

  1. Creative: developing text,
    video, and more to populate your website and ad campaigns.
  2. Development: technical
    innovation in new websites, mobile-friendliness, and apps
  3. Marketing: working on the
    full spectrum of paid and organic traffic generation for your site

Market intel and deep listening are essential practices for our client service managers. We will study your market and work closely with you truly to understand and internalize your vision for your brand. We can then ensure that our strategy and content/creative are all unified and in harmony with the correct message
you want to project to customers.

Matt McCluskey...and his team were extremely perceptive and responsive to the needs of our consortium. I was particularly impressed with his ability to assimilate a number of complex messages and providing a simple, clear and effective marketing strategy for us.

-- Dr. Sacha Simon,  Medical Director Pinnacle Healthcare

Whether you are looking for a completely hands-off business growth plugin, or a close collaborator to further empower your marketing team, Enlightenment Media will provide smart and effective solutions that are most relevant to your business aims right now.


Clarity and simplicity are very important to us. While we begin work with clients by diving straight into the detail of your business, the net results for our clients are a much clearer overview of the marketing objectives, and a positive sense of simplicity about being able to get the right stuff done at the right time.

-- Matthew McCluskey, Enlightenment Media Director


We are experienced with developing and implementing marketing plans for
both large and small organizations. Click here to view
recent case studies from a variety of clients.


If you are looking for breakthrough insights on growing your business, AND the practical know-how to develop and implement marketing plans, then Enlightenment Media is the agency you need to work with! Contact us for immediate pricing details and free analysis offers.


At Enlightenment Media we feel very strongly about the risks to businesses when marketing agencies provide advice that's incomplete or fail to put in place effective marketing work according to their unrealistic promises. There are too many ways for businesses to waste marketing budget, both on potentially unsuitable or even unprofessional agencies, and on misdirected marketing tactics.


Our foremost focus is to build your brand and your business: we recognise that the only way to do this correctly is to work in the long term and provide you with total confidence via:

  • ...ensuring that our strategy takes account of the big
    of your business...
  • ...including the right mix of marketing
    activities, neither omitting important tactics, nor adding on
    unnecessary or low priority resource-wasters...
  • ...committing to clear plans and dependably getting
    things done to deadline...
  • ...always seeking to maximize the return on your
    marketing dollar.


What is at the root of our marketing strategy? We connect people with brands and brands to people. This means we must understand the people who benefit from your products and services, and understand how to create an enticing, advantageous, trusted perception of your brand so that strong connections develop.


For us, branding isn't just interesting visuals and clever marketing copy. It's developing a whole identity for your brand that speaks to your customers about interest, quality, satisfaction, and value.


The results of a successful marketing strategy are measured in business growth. So, once again, branding is not about passive image-creation, but about bringing the right customers in through your door (or virtual doors in the case of a website or app!) and communicating the right commercially effective message at the right time.


Enlightenment Media have experience creating rapid local and national brand awareness for small businesses and startups, as well as driving measurable growth in established businesses. View our case studies and contact us asking how we can ensure you meet your growth goals.


After turning over our online marketing to Enlightenment Media we increased our Rankings and ROI for our nationwide urgent care facilities, bringing in more patients at a lower cost.  Their skills and knowledge of the internet are coupled with an acute understanding of what their clients are trying to achieve.

 Christopher T. Rehm,  President,  AfterOurs Urgent


Rapid Change

A key theme we are seeing emerging with new Enlightenment Media marketing clients is the concern about keeping up with technology and rapidly changing market trends. We are constantly studying new marketing tactics, software, and developing best practices, and these are applied in practice in the tactical areas described below. An important principle we help you achieve in your marketing is agility: the ability to get results rapidly via new marketing tactics, but also to be able to evolve and pivot your plans according to the real-life competitive conditions in your market.

Unique Enlightenment Media Approach

1. Universal Solution

- We seek to understand your brand and your customers fully - and how to connect them!

- We pick the right mix of marketing tactics that get the best results - so that our service is a universal solution, nothing that you should be doing is left out.

- The 'universal' attitude also means our strategy grows with your business: the things we work on keep an eye on the ultimate destination of your business's future.


2. The Game Plan

- DIAGNOSIS - we help you gain a clear view of your current reality

- COMPETITORS - it's rare you are alone in the market, so we'll help you differentiate

- DISCOVERIES - we'll test creative ideas and find what actually works to bring in business

- COLLABORATION - we'll work within your structures to put plans into action

- EXPERTISE - assigning the right person to the right job means marketing work gets done faster and in great quality


3. Enlightenment Paragon

- Everything we produce is done with care and concern for building your brand's reputation for quality

- We value loyalty in our expert team members, and we will provide the same loyalty to you as we develop long term marketing cooperation

- We integrate with your own experts and management so that our energy and creativity contributes to the bigger picture of your business growth: when we 'plug in' to a client's business the results are definitely greater than the sum of the parts!

Contact Enlightenment Media with both your short and long term marketing goals. It's an essential part of the clarity we'll help bring to the table - what needs to be done first, how fast different results can be achieved, and how to keep it all aligned with the long-term aims of your business.

Actionable Insights... Smart Actions

Here on our website you will find detailed introductions to many of the marketing areas we'll work on for you. But really we are more about action than theory and lectures!

Here are five things we can start on IMMEDIATELY as soon as you email us or pick up the phone:

  1. Website audit
    - the top problems and opportunities for your current website - and what to work on first
  2. Marketing analysis
    - a look at your market, competition, and current proposition in the eyes of your prospects: fresh insights about how to strengthen your position
  3. Content plan
    - immediate specific suggestions about how to enhance the interest and usefulness of your website, as well as larger content productions to bring in the right kind of audience
  4. Advertising plan
    - targeting and budget suggestions including quantifiable test campaigns to build reliable data about where to go with your online and mobile advertising
  5. Proposal matching
    - if you already have proposals from more traditional marketing agencies, or in-house plans, we will be delighted to take a look and match or exceed those expected results under our Universal Solution approach

When we propose marketing projects and service packages we will include timescales. Please also let us know your timing goals for your growth so we can match your needs accurately.

One of the first questions we ask is quite pointed: "How are you
measuring that?" -- before making important long-term resource
commitments, we'll help you gain clarity on your actual metrics so
your strategy is not based on guesswork.

-- Matthew McCluskey, Enlightenment Media Director

Contact Enlightenment Media today for a free evaluation of your current marketing position and immediate action proposals.


Enlightenment Media Inc

Enlightenment Media Inc.

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